chapter 1

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"So, what song are gonna do at show tonight?!"Ashley yelled through the tour bus.

As CC, Jinxx, and Jake watched Andy and me stand and clean up the mess that CC made last night when he was drunk.

He had such a hangover I love to make him get up at 6:00 in the morning, its so funny. As I watch Andy hang up the shattered picture, I playfuly bite my lip in responce to his groan as he reaches higher.

Some day that's gonna be mine. And there's nothing any one can do about it. As the tour bus runs off the bumpy rocks on the gravel road, Andy and I get shoke around the bus. As I fall on CC, he grunts in pain as I giggle and I look at Andy, and he fell in to the table and the sharp corner drew blood.

Andy just goes about his business, just ignoring the stream of blood running down the side of his waist. "Show at 12:00pm!" CC hollers as he munches on his cereal. I quickly turn and look at the clock.

I hurdle over Jake giving him a quick T bag non purposely, but I still laugh as I stumbe to the floor. I run stumbling on every thing in my path. I quickly open the bathroom door but close it back as fast as possible because CC was in there taking a shit.

We both scream and I just stand by the door slowly moving farther away because it smelled. I reached over picking up some Air Wick and closing my eyes.

I open the door and all the guys stare at me with kind of a shameful look on their faces. As I shake around with CC trying to hit me but missing. I, with my face, squinched my eyes shut I spray the fume every were sometimes missing the bathroom.

As CC is screaming pants less the other guys are laughing so hard, Jake rolled off the couch and hit his head on that table with a winy grunt. I finally stop spraying when I hear CC whine and seeing him rub his eyes.

I step back and giggle leaning against the counter with my hand over my mouth. "What the hell, Ashley!?" CC screams in my face as he yanks his pants up uncomfortably. "I don't know what I was thinking." I said with a sarcastic voice. I push CC out of the way peeking at my watch, I run into the bathroom quickly pulling my clothes off and putting on my black torn shirt, my black torn pants, and some black boots on.

And then I quickly apply some eye liner that was left on the counter next to my bag and than I make my warpaint, which was basically lines on the bottom of my cheeks and on my cheeks. My war paint goes perfectly with my outfit.

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