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This is the first one shot that I'm posting that I've never read yet, so i guess we'll find out what it's about together

Enjoy ;)


"Calum! Come on! Get excited mate!" Ashton jumps on Calum's back as they head towards their tour bus. The sun is shining far too brightly and Calum's internal clock is screwed up because it definitely feels like it should be dark out. He's reminded why he is out of his bed at this strange hour when he sees the giant bus that Ashton is pointing at over his shoulder.

They had just landed in LA and are about to start their first ever arena tour. And it's in North America. Calum can't believe they're here. How did they go from teenagers with a dream to headlining a sold out tour on a completely different continent?

He knows how it started but that's about it. Michael and Calum have been best friends for over a decade. In school, they had met Ashton, all three of them with a passion for music, and started making youtube videos covering their favorite songs. In all of their wildest dreams they never believed that they would get attention. They started writing their own songs, performing small gigs in bars on the weekends and people always packed in. It was a slow journey, they all worked minimum wage jobs during the week after they graduated until they had enough of a following to do music full time.

Four years later, they've opened for All Time Low and A Day to Remember, plus have toured most of the world playing in smaller venues. And now, at the age of 22, Calum is headlining an arena tour in the US with his two best mates.

"It's too early for your excitement Ashton!" Michael calls from somewhere behind Calum. Ashton is singing a Paramore song in Calum's ear which normally wouldn't be such a bad thing but now Calum is not having it. Just before Calum is about to drop him, Ashton hops down and starts running towards their tour bus. The large orange bus is waiting to take them to their first destination. They're starting in Texas, working their way east, up the eastern seaboard, across eastern Canada, down into Michigan then to Missouri, over to Washington, then down the west coast to finish back in LA. The whole tour trail looks like a fat heart or a circle with a widow's peak. No one can tell from Calum's tired eyes but he's absolutely buzzing with energy and excitement for this tour.

"I get a top bunk!" Ashton calls from the doorway where he's hanging off the door frame. Calum can't think of anyone who deserves to headline a tour more, nor is better for it than Ashton. He's constantly on, the best with the fans, and hardly ever gets down. The only things that get hard are the negative reactions. But it just pushes Ashton on to do better. Michael and Calum are more chill, ice flowing through their veins opposed to Ashton's fire.

Michael catches up to Calum. "Can you believe this?" His hair is a forest green this past month, bringing out the green around his pupils. While Ashton is made for the fans, Michael is made for the music. It still sends chills up Calum's spine sometimes watching Michael play the guitar with his head cast down, singing into his mic. Michael can be standing in front of thousands of people, has been standing in front of thousands of people, and focus only on the music like he's alone on the stage.

Michael plays guitar, Ashton's on drums, and Calum plays bass. They all sing but Calum is referenced as the front man in articles just because he sings the majority of the solos. They all write the music with various other artists but their favorite tracks are the ones they write together, either just two of them or all three. Their biggest selling single they wrote in the back of their last tour bus, up one night with a beer haze and two acoustic guitars while Ashton clapped out a beat. They can't remember what inspired it exactly, but people seem to like it.

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