Chapter 1: hidden

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Hi my name is faith im 11 with brown hair with light curls and green eyes. i have no siblings or parents..anymore. My dad was bit and my mom went to Washington a long time ago. so now i just live in a tree with my bow and arrows. theres a farm house and barn and humans On the right of me but im shy and scared they might hurt me.

I dropped down from the tree with my bow in my hand with a arrow loaded i was gonna try to catch a bunny but no luck. i looked at the farm house "i wanna be happy like them." i said under my breath. I walked over to the house and a older man aimed his gun at me. "ive been living in a tree not stalking but just hanging around my name is faith and im 11." He put his gun down "come on sweety im hershel." i smiled and was brought into a room where a 12 year old boy was laying on a bed coverd in blood. "w-what happened?" "He was shot" said a stern voice coming from a sheriff. "his names carl im rick this is lori beth maggie glenn andrea amd shane who is getting meds." "im faith" "beautiful name" beth said. "thanks" i smiled. I was pulled out of the room and sent to a tent so i could go to sleep. i layed there lisning to the group talking about carl and if im aloud to stay. i heard rick say "she could be a threat" and thats when i lost it i went into the woods and hid in my tree and cried "i dont belong here anyway."

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