Chapter 6

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I started banging my head against the cold wall.

I cried for a while. Tossing and turning untill I fell asleep.

* One year later *

I heard the sound of metal scraping against the sold floor My doors were open. I saw a police man standing there. " C'mon kid. It time for your court day, again. I stood up and I was escorted outside to the police car. When we got to the court house, we went inside and I was sat down right next to a police officer.

After they made there finall desicion the judge said, I sentance Emily Sanchez to life in prison for the charge of the murders of Mathew Sanchez, Katie Sanchez and Melissa Sanchez. I was escorted back to the prison to rot.

* 2 years later. *

This was my life in prison. For a crime I had nothing to do with. Amanda and I had been working on an escape plan for months now, Every little time we had with each other we would discuss the plan. She was in here for the same thing as me. Murder but her's is a different story. It was now Sunday night

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