what are we?

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Johnny and I sit up on the tables at lunch, looking down at all of the cheerleaders that sit around us. He constantly hedges my arm, as if says this is really happing! I roll my eyes every time and continue to look down at the girls.

"Yeah I like this, don't change it" I say, taking a peice of her blond hair between my fingers

"I shouldn't?" She asks

"Nah" I shake my head "it looks sexy just like this"

She giggles "then I won't change it"


Johnny has a hand to his chest and looks like he is giving a speech "and I said" he says "that he probably shouldn't be hanging out with her cuz ol' girl would get jealous but he didn't listen. No he did not, no he did not. Now he has no girlfriend, barely a best friend" he leans closer "but let's keep that one on the low low" he nods "but I gotta be here for him"

It takes me a minute to figure out that he is talking about me.

I give him a hard shove "shut the fuck up or I'll tell them all about you and tour mistakes"

"Let me tell tiu something...ace miller" he points to me "everything that I do is because I want to do it." He smiles "ain't nuthin a mistake where I come from"

I give him another shove and put my elbows on my knees and clasp my hands together in front of me.

"Its a good thing that girl is blind so she can't see half the shit you do" johnny says

I glare at him "I don't do anything"

"Mmm" he raises his eyebrows "so your telling me that if she could see you hitting on all these cheerleaders then she would be okay with it?"

"She ain't my girlfriend" I tell him "I can do whatever the hell I want"

He shrugs

"Soooooo" I smile down at the girls "Imma flirt with every last one of em"

They all giggle

Johnny shoves my shoulder "why do you have to always get all the girls? Huh? You know that shit ain't fair!" He whines "we can split them"

I slap him in the back of the head "shut true fuck up and stop bein suck a BITCH!" I say "you take what you want, Jonny boy, just take. With us being who we are...we ain't gotta ask...they obey"

He nods "your right, your right, your right" he pumps himself up "confidence is key is what my mom always said"

I draw my eyebrows together "oh and don't say shit like that either"

"Shit like what?"

"You know what I mean"

"Aye!" Johnny suddenly yells and stands up "what's up Lil mama, let me carry those for you, my girl"

Sammy stands in front of him, blushing and allowing him to carry her books. "Hey"

"Hey yourself, you are looking mighty fine on this gross school day, I'll tell you that." His eyes rome over her body "I mean, damn"

She blushes harder

I stand up and give him a dark glare, taking the books from his hands "take your books" I hand them back to Sammy. She frowns at the floor "come on" I take her arm and sit her down next to me on the table.

"He's getting salty cuz he doesn't realize how much guys actually look at his girl Sammy" johnny is telling a girl

"Shut uo, johnny or I'm going to hit you" I warn

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