To The Mall

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"WAKE UP!!!" I shot my eyes open in panic to see Jake and Dustin jumping on the bed.

"What the hell. What times is it?" I asked them confused and mad I was woken up.

"It's 9:30. Get up." Jake said.

"9:30? Like hell I'm gonna get up. Leave me alone and let me go to sleep!" I threw one of the pillows and them and laid back down.

"Oh no you don't." Dustin said grabbing my arms and pulling me up. "Don't you want to go shopping?"

"Shopping?" I repeated fully awake now that my favorite hobby of them all was said.

Dustin and Jake laughed making their way to the door.

"Yea, if you wanna go be ready in an hour." With that they left the room.

After stretching for a minute I started getting ready. In the bathroom was a spare toothbrush and towel.

After about 20 mins I got out the shower. I then stopped......I don't have any clothes here.....

Making sure my towel was wrapped tightly around myself I walked out the room, searching to find Dustin or Jake. I walked down the steps and found them in the family room.

"Ummm, guys." I said shyly due to the fact I was only in a towel. They turned around stunned at the sight.

"I don't exactly have clothes here to wear...." I explained hoping one of them could help me.

" I have something. Follow me." Dustin said getting us off the couch. He seemed nervous which was weird considering he's normally so calm and confident. I smirked....powers of the hot bod.

Dustin led me up the steps an to a room that was 5 doors down from our bedroom....I mean his bedroom.

"Amber, open up." He said knocking on the door. "Since you're so small you should be able to fit her clothes." He explained to me. I gave him the evil eye then the door opened, revealing the girl from dinner last night.

"Hey Dustin what's up?" She said.

"Do you have anything that could fit her?" Dustin asked pointing at me. Amber analyzed me for a minute, thinking of something that could fit me.

"Yeah, hold on." She disappeared back into the room. A minute or 2 later she came back with a Paramore shirt, black skinny jeans, and a studded belt.

"Thanks." I said taking the clothes from her, very impressed with her choice of wardrobe. She gave me a simple nod and smile then closed her door.

"Alright well I'm gonna get dressed, I'll meet you guys down stairs in a minute." I told Dustin, then turned around walking back to the room.

I shut the door to the room and began getting dressed. Once i was ready I walked down stairs and went to the guys.

"It's about time! Girls take forever to get ready!" Jake shouted jumping up from the couch.

"Oh shut up." I said hitting him in the arm.

"Hey! Hitting isn't nice!" Jake shouted.

"Yeah well your face isn't nice." I said calmly, looking down at my nails.

Dustin chuckled.

"You guys are so immature. Come on you two." He walked out the house and to the car.

We all settled in and Dustin started driving.

Jake in the multimedia ^^

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