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    I walk down the sidewalk to the little coffee shop that was only give or take a few blocks from my house. It had just stopped raining and as I watched the ground as I walked and tried to splash into every puddle. I know I wasn't really acting my age, but I didn't care. I walk into the little coffee shop my eyes imediatly landing on Luke. He was loking out the window with his buds in, he looked so sad and vonrable setting alone I couldn't help, but sigh. I slowly walk over taking a seat across from him pushing back the thought that I could still run out and he not notice, but right then he looked over almost surprised to actually see me setting here.

"Thank god you came." He says taking out his buds.

I keep quiet knowing if I spoke I would probably start crying again.

"Look I know I hurt you and I blame myself everyday for it.." he says slowly.

I swallow hard. "Why did you leave?" I blurt. My voice was scratchy and I quickly cleared my throat.

"I had a shot at something only I could dream of Emma I know I should have explained, but Mickey was so exsited he couldn't wait another minute."

I look down smiling to myself Mickey was such a kid. "Okay, but why are you back?" I ask.

He bites his lip pulling his lip ring slightly into his mouth. "Seemed like the best place, plus you were here so." He gives me a small smile.

"Okay look I'm not saying I don't want anything to do with you, but just cause you explained yourself doesn't mean I'm going to leap back into your arms and everything is gonna go back to the way it was before. I'm different I've changed, maybe not for the best, but I've changed. " I say rambling a bit.

He smirks nodding. "Alright, but I was wondering if you would come with me and a few friends to this club Calum found right outside of town?" He asks.

I bite my lip. "What kind of club?" I ask.

"You have to wear a dress if that tells you anything." He answers.

I fiddle with my hands a bit. "Okay, but I'm not driving." I say quickly.

He nodes. "That's fine, we'll pick you up around 7." He says smiling. 

I would be lieing if I didn't say I loved his smile. After a while we started talking about the times we weren't together when he was in London. Turns out he even went to the states, there was 4 of them and he told me I would get to meet them tonight. He was also big in the music busness and it actually didn't phase me, I knew he had a voice. Soon it started to get dark which ment we had to get going.

"You wanna ride home?"he asks.

I node.

    The ride home was silent, mainly because we didn't really have anything to say. As he pulled into the drive I looked over at him.

"I'll see you at 7." He says then I step out quickly popping my head back in.

"Latter Lukey." I chuckle then head inside.

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