Never ending darkness

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wake up too light at morning beauty,after leaving a world without peace or mercy,tears full of pain but pain without tears,without being shown the light,darkness shows our fears.

Everyday I'm living in a world of evil,corrupted by humans being greedy and deceitful,money grabbing ego having self concerned humans that want,who rather take care of themselves than take care of those who cant

But in a pit of despair holds darkness and its friends,pain anger jealousy and the list doesn't end,a place abandoned where you cannot cope, a place abandoned abandoned by hope

Reality is cruel but dreams are more heart breaking,they temp you with glorious things but disappear when you awaken,love has been lost you can feel your hearts pain,a hole in your heart that you know you never regain

in your life time ignorance will always be Bliss but you soon realized there's no escaping your world of never ending darkness.

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