The New Boy

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Another day just waking up outing on makeup and my fake smile.  Now every one thought unwashed the cool and calm cute girl who didn't have any problems.  But the truth was I suffered through deppresion and self harm.  I would cry myself to sleep every night yet every morning manage to pull a smile through.  I grabbed my bag and a bagel and ran out the door.  I jumped in my car and drove to school.  In about 15 minutes I was at "hell hole" a.k.a high school.  I get out and start walking to first period, math.  When I enter class I see people already taking out their homework and sitting down.  So I make my way to my seat and also sit down.  I ruffle through my bag and I take out a sheet of work with doodles on the sides. I also take out my pencil and calculator. 
"OK class take out sheet 2.2 algebra." the teacher says. 
I absolutely hated this class for two reasons. First none of my friends were in this class and two the one girl I absolutely hate was in this class. 
"ring " the bell alarms signiling for second period. I got up shoved my work in my bag and went to my next class history. i walked out of the classroom and went into the bathroom as i went i noticed the scars and dried up bood on my legs and my arms. I tugged my sleeve down more so noone would see the cuts. tears swelled on the corners of my eyes as one tear streemed down my cheek. I left and went to english class. 

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