Oh no

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Carly's P.O.V
"SHAWN!" Lily screamed as she went to go hug him. She looked at me with major disgust but I just ignored her. "Well how bout we all go inside?" Asked Shawn and we followed behind him. "Well im going to get us some snacks and Carly be nice." He said. "Well you don't have to tell me twice,"I muttered. "So Carly how've y'all been?" Lily asked. "Good," I responded. Then she pulled my hair and said,"Now you stay away from Shawn because I know you like him and I don't want you stealing my man." I pulled away from her grasp and casually said ok. "What? That's it? You're not going to fight back? I always new you were a wimp. You always have your nose stuck in a book. No wonder Shawn chose me over you I feel bad for you." She sneered. "And I feel sorry Shawn has to put up with a bitch like you," I said. Then I felt impact on my right cheek and I new Lily had slapped me. I tried to hold back tears then Shawn came in and Lily started crying. 'Fake ass bitch' I thought. "Lily what happened?" Asked Shawn as he embraced her. Then Lily replied,"Carly hit me. I was just talking to her and asking how she was and she punched me." I could see the layers of makeup running down her face."Carly get out," Shawn whispered. "What?" I asked. "GET OUT! All I ask from you is to be nice to my girlfriend and you can't do that for me!? What type of friend are you?" I could see the rage in Shawn's face. All the tears I was holding back suddenly started streaming down my face. "I HATE YOU!" I yelled and ran out of the house. I didn't dare look back. I ran through the fields. I could just imagine the smile on Lily's face. I can't believe I lost Shawn. If only he knew.

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