gods,more peoples and old enemy's...

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Leo hotstuff0000: LOLOLOL

Annabeth_Chase123: What?

Leo hotstuff0000: Me Zeus and Athena have stuff in our username!!XDXDXD

Athena-knows-stuff: *facepalm*

Leo hotstuff0000: Wow Athena actually facepalms

Athena-knows-stuff: *double facepalm*

Percy_Water_Jackson: Really, Leo hotstuff0000

Leo hotstuff0000: YEP!!:-) :-)

Jason_Superman: Leo, u r so stupid

Leo hotstuff0000: Thanks dude!!:-D

Nico_death_ghosts: So u like being called stupid

Leo hotstuff0000: u bet man!!

Nico_death_ghosts: ughhh

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Percy_Water_Jackson: ...

Annabeth_Chase123: ...

Athena-knows-stuff: ...


Poseidon_Sea0814: ...

I_am_mortal9234: OMG!!!!!

I_am_mortal: PERCY,JASON AND THE GODS!!!!!

Annabeth_Chase123: AHEM!!!

I_am_mortal9234: oh right and Annabeth

Annabeth_Chase123: THANK YOU!!!!!! Jeez some people

Annabeth_Chase123: Wait u tricked me again!!!!!

Annabeth_Chase123: GRRR I HATE OLD ENEMIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:-* :-*

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I_am_mortal9234: >:-)

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