Chapter 1

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" Mom, Mom, you have to see this," came the voice of her ten year old

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" Mom, Mom, you have to see this," came the voice of her ten year old. That's the thing about having kids, as a single mom you tend to not get much sleep. 

Sighing, Sarah Brady reluctantly lifted herself from the bed and made her way to the living room to see what had gotten her son so riled up.

" What Justin? Mommy needs to rest, it's barely 5 am baby," she said softly to at him.  Looking past him she noticed what he was looking at, it was a puppy panting on the porch. He kept leaving subtle hints that he wanted a dog.

But she could not give in, a dog took too much responsibility and the time that she did not have right now. Her career as a lawyer had taken off to a great start in the last two years, people were recognizing her. She had no time now to take on the role of a dog sitter.

" Can we keep him, can we keep him?" he ask pleadingly. She looked at her son taking in his looks. His blonde hair, tall slim figure and hazel eyes. She disliked the fact that he looked so much like him, anyone who knew her and knew him would take one glance and know  who was the father.

 But despite that, she loved her son so much. He was her everything, her happiness, and everything she did, she did it for him.

With the help of her parents ten years ago, she was able to raised a precious human being. 

" Honey he might have an owner, and that owner might want their dog back, we can keep it, until we find the owner ok babe? Maybe we could visit the dog pond one day and see if we can get you one ok champ?" she said pinching his cheeks.

" Really mom? Thank you, thank you," he said hugging her. " You are the best mom ever." That she could not deny. Seeing her son smile always made her happy.

"Well since I'm already up, I'm going to make us some breakfast and you can start getting ready for school."

3 hours later after dropping her son off to his elementary school, Sarah Entered her office. "Good morning Jane" she said to her receptionist. " Anything important that I need to know?"

 " Yes and its Great news, you have a new client, well they don't really need a lawyer more like a consultant. But its still good news. It"s Dimitri"s pharmaceuticals, they are testing a new drug and want's to know how they can avoid a law suit from happening when testing the drug."

The name Dimitri was all it took to knock the breath out of Sarah. She was becoming nauseous. Seeing her boss in such distress, Jane became concerned. " Are you ok? Can I get you a glass of water? Tea?" She asked concerned apparent on her face.

" I am ok Jane, just a bit lightheaded, I didn't have much to eat for breakfast. But i will be fine.  No tea, but vodka would be great," she said jokingly.

" Ummm but you don't drink Sarah. Are you sure you are ok?"

I am fine Jane. Just bring the details they left you with so I can go over it. And with that she walked away.

Sarah sat at her desk thinking of that night, she walked away. She had loved him. Nothing and no one could have taken that love away. She did it for him, for his future. She saved him a life time of hell. She could never forget him no matter how much she tried.

 Nicolai Dimitri, son of  Billionaire Ramon Dimitri was and would always be the love of her life. But they would have never lasted, they did not match, she was the daughter common people. There was no way she could have fitted in his world.

For the past 10 years she had convinced herself that she made the right choice for Nicolai and her son.

" Jane? do you know who will be meeting with me, is it one of their representatives?" she asked her receptionist. She was praying that it was.

" No, and you should be excited it's the son. I heard he is one hell of a hunk, charming and all the works," she said dreamily.

" Great" Sarah said. Faking excitement, she couldn't believe it was happening. She's been rehearsing  what she would say to him the next time she saw him. She even had a speech prepared. Sighing she sat back down to mentally prepare herself for the meet. She was starting to believe that the God's were against her.

Nicolai Dimitri

Nicolai stood in his office looking as gorgeous as ever. He knew he was Handsome, people complemented him all the time. Women were always flocking to his side. He was a ladies man and he was proud of it.

 He had no desire to settle down. He realized that relationships were a disaster, the moment you were most happy, thats when fate usually swoop in and yank it off from you. 

He knew one thing, and that was he would never allow himself to fall in love again. Once was enough. And his ego was still bruised from it. He couldn't  believe it was 10 years already. He hated Sarah Brady.

 He hated her with all his heart, she had destroyed him. He never wanted to lay eyes on her again. After all she was beneath him. He didn't know where she was nor did he cared. She could be dead and it wouldn't have bothered him one bit. Or so he told himself.

" Sir you limo is here" came the voice of his assistant. Saying thank you he walked out of the building to the car. He had a meeting with Larry and Son, a law firm. He heard that they were the best in California. He could have easily send a representative, but he wanted to do this on his own.

Stepping out of the vehicle, Nicolai noticed that the paparazzi were already there. " How the fuck do they know I was going to be there?" he growled. " Damn this vultures." he hated them, they always seem to ruin his day and his life. With the help of his bodyguard he was able to get into the building safely.

" Nicolai Dimitri." he said to the receptionist barley giving her a glance. he noticed the dreamy way she looked at him. He was used to it. If he was in a good mood, he would have brighten up her day with a few harmless flirts. But he wasn't in the mood.

Jane like everybody else in the building stopped and take him in. He was 6/2in height, he looked sharp as always in his suits. Today he was wearing Armani. His blonde hair, hazel eyes and chiseled jaw did all but made every female swoon.

" Follow me," Jane said making her way to Sarah's office.

Entering in the office Jane gestured. " Nicolai Dimitri this is Sarah Brady, she will be your new consultant from this firm." He looked up quickly hearing the name. And just like that he felt like the wind was knocked out of him.

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