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BEEP BEEP BEEP. I hit my alarm clock and get out of bed. I sluggishly go to my dresser and examine all the clothes. I end up grabbing my black sweater and a pair of dark jeans. When I get to the bathroom I immediately look at my short choppy hair. I grab a comb and start brushing it. It doesn't take long before its all brushed. Then I look at the time and it's 6:58. Walking out of my room I see our dining room table. It's covered in crazy streamers, balloons, and more crazy stuff. "What is all this for" I ask.

"It's for your birthday party of course" my mom says cheerfully.

"I told you I didn't want a party though" I tell her.

"Ohhh ok I gotcha" she says while winking. " Then I'll just go and return all of this stuff" she says as she scoops all of the things laid on the table.

"Ok. Well, I'm going to go to school. Sooooooo, if you need me I'll be there" I say with a smile and walk out the door. When I get out side Noah is leaning against his car waiting for me. " Sorry my mom was trying to throw a birthday party for me and I had to put an end to it " I say.

"You know, you should have a birthday party one day. who knows it could be your last" he says jokingly. That stuck with me. "It could be your last" for all I know it could be my last party. I push that thought out of my mind. " So what are you doing this weekend?" Noah asks me.

" Umm... I'm doing nothing. What about you?" I respond.

" Well I'm going to see Panic! At the disco this weekend with Tessa and Lynn and wanted to know if you would like to go too Tessa is also inviting John. I don't know why but she seems to like him. Anyways I was wondering if you would like to go with us. " He asks with a cute smile.

"Yes, I would love too." I tell him and his eyes get even bigger.

"Thank goodness you are going because if you didn't I might have stabbed my self. I can not handle Tessa's drooling over John any more." he says dramatically. I giggle a little bit then realise we are at the school. "We are here" Noah says as I step out of the car.

" Thanks Noah" I say.

"Any time" he responds. We both head to class.

So far the day has been boring and uneventful. But here comes Tessa so I'm sure that will end.

"Heyyyyy, how are you?" She asks.

"Fine. You?" I ask.

" I'm so glad you asked because I'm terrible." she says sluggishly. I start to worry what's wrong when she continued " I have NOTHING to wear to the counter! And John will be there and if I don't look good he might not want to do anything with me anymore. THIS IS A DISASTER!! What an I suppose to do?"

"One, calm down it is not that big of a deal. Two, you have tuns of clothes. Three, if he doesn't want to hang out with you because you don't look perfect then maybe you shouldn't hang out with him." As soon as I said that I could see her trying to process it.

" OHHHHHH I see what you are saying. I should look good but look like I also don't care what he thinks and play hard to get. Hmmm you are sooooo smart. Thank you." Then she walks off before I could tell her that is not at all what I meant. Poor Tessa I think to myself. I hope she doesn't get hurt.
The end of the day comes pretty quickly. I head to my locker that is surrounded by a bunch girls talking. "Excuse me. Can I get to my locker?" I ask them they all look at me judgementally. But they move.

As I'm opening my locker one of the girls ask "is it true that Tessa asked John to a concert this weekend?"

"Yea" I turn around and respond "What's wrong with that?"

" Nothing it's just that John is dating Clair" another blonde girl says. Clair and John have been off and on dating for the whole year I wouldn't be surprised if they were together again. I get my stuff from my locker and walk away from the girls. I pull out my phone and see that I have a text from Noah.

-/Meet me at the library\-

-/ok\- I respond. I quickly walk over to the library and find Noah siting at one of the many empty tables. "You realise that school is out and that we can go home" I say to him as I sit down.

"Yes I realise that I'm just choosing to ignore that so we can have some fun." He says happily. " You that lady over there who is asleep?"

"Yea. What about her?" I ask.

" Well she is the librarian and she possesses the keys to that door" he points to a door that look like it leads outside.

"Ok. But why are you telling me this?" I ask curiously.

" Well we need to get on the other side of those doors. So I have come up with a master plan" he says with a smirk.

Hey guys I'm back I might not post next week because I'm moving!! Yay!! But anyways I hope you all enjoyed it.

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