Susan and Lucy hurried down in the subway station as they have heard shouting and it was, I've got to say, very loud indeed! As they were rushing through the crowd that had piled up around few boys that were fighting, they noticed one perticularly familiar face. It was Peter. As he was fighting for a moment he connected his eyes with Susans eyes. he looked at him with disappointment, then he started to fight again.

''Edmund!''- Lucy shouted at a boy who was pushing his way through the crowd and his way into the fight. He then helped his brother Peter in punching the other guys.

''Hey!''- the guards shouted and blew their whistles. One of them grabed Peters hand roughly and pushed him a bit. ''Act your age!!!''- the guard shouted.

10 minutes after 

The four siblings sat on a nearby bench all looking so tired and exhausted.

''You are welcome.''- Edmund said annoyed.

''I had it sorted!'' - Peter looked at him with a bit of anger.

Peter then explained to his siblings what had happened between him and those boys.

''I wish they would stop treating us like kids!''- Peter said irritated by our world.

''But we are kids.'' - Edmund said with a slight smirk on his face.

''Well...I wasn't always...''- Peter said calmly with a sad voice.

Then all 4 siblings looked with the desire to come back to Narnia were they truly belong!

''It has been a year. How long does he expect us to wait!''- Peter said very frustrated.

''I think it's that we accept that we live here now! It's no use pretending any different.'' - Susan said it the most calm way.

''Oww!!! Something pinched me!''- Lucy shouted.

''Be quiet Lu.''- Susan warned her.

''Hey stop pulling!'' - Peter quickly got up.

''I am not touching you!''- Edmund shouted.

''It feels like magic!'' - Lucy smiled wide.

''Quick, everyone hold hands!'' - Susan shouted and grabed Peters and Lucys hand squeezing them.

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