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When the smell of bacon and eggs finally reach me, the door opens and I feel my bed sink in next to me. A hand wipes away some hairs out of my face before I open my eyes and meet his looking down at me. A little smile is on his face as he takes my hands and pulls me out of bed. I want to speak but I know he doesn't like to speak much in the morning. I take place on the chair at the counter and he places a plate in front of me filled with bacon and eggs.

"good morning" Harper said walking into the room, the boy from last night following her. My eyes widen as I realize who he is, it's Mr Irwin. He eyes me up and down with a little smile, before I know it two arms wrap around me and a pair of lips kiss my neck.

"get a room" Harper said making me laugh and her friend to as he is still looking at me, only making Luke his grip on me getting tighter until I get loose and take my plate with me back into the bedroom followed by Luke, like the jealous little dog he is.

"so what are you planning to do today" I asked him, turning around towards him.

"probably going back home and finish some work I have to do before tomorrow" He said, taking place on my bed.

"but you said you finished it all or is it because he is here" I said with a little smile, setting down my plate on my dresser before taking place on his lap facing him. He rolled his eyes and looks at the other side of the room, avoiding my gaze.

"is little Lukey jealous" I said with a teasing voice.

"no, I'm not and don't call me that" he said, finally looking at me.

"why not, I think it's cute" I said, putting my arms around his neck, playing with the ends of his hair.

"I'm not cute" he said, placing his hands on my tights, "you should've put more clothes on before you went there, I don't like the way he looked at you".

"why not, it's your shirt" I said as his hands slowly start to move up.

"well he just needs to know what is mine" he said, "and you are mine".

Before I can say something he thightens his grib and turns us around, pushing my back against the bed as his lips connect with my neck, sucking on the skin.

"Luke what are you doing" I said, my hands pushing against his chest making him look at me.

"just relax, you will like it" he said, connecting our lips as his hands find their way to the hem of my shirt as he removes it of me.

"you're not even wearing underwear, you dirty girl" he said as he starts kissing his way down to my hips.

His hands move to my thights moving them open as he start to kiss lower and lower. Suddenly he runs his tongue across my clit making me shiver of the sudden movement. His tongue moves in circles, as moans escape my lips. The feeling sensational as suddenly he slides his finger into me, making me moan his name.

"you like that don't you" he said as he adds another finger and I could feel him smile against me. His movement slow as he hits my g-spot, making me almost scream. He noticed what he was doing for me as he kept hitting it making me reach my high as he continues the exact movements, mantaining a slow rhythm as I climax and he smiles.

As I breath normal again he sits down next to me.

"I guess they know that you're mine now, due to how hard you were screaming my name" he said kissing my cheek, making me blush.

"maybe even the whole city" he said with a cheeky smile, making me slap him against his arm.

"Luke don't" I said, feeling my cheek darken even more.

"ow you don't like being teased, me neither" he said making me laugh.

"you're such an idiot you know" I said laughing.

"yeah but I'm your idiot" he said, stopping laughing as he just realised what he said.

"wait, do you mean you're my boyfriend" I asked him confused.

"don't say that word" he said, looking just as confused.

"why, what's wrong with that word" I asked him.

"just don't, I need to go" he said, standing up, gathering some of his clothes.

"wait Luke, what is wrong" I said as he start to put his clothes back up.

"I have to go, see you later darling" he said, giving me a quick kiss before leaving. I though about following him, but I'm still naked and I don't want to traumatise Harper.

What is his problem. Boyfriend, what is wrong with that word. He is a boy, he is my friend I guess. Is it the label of belonging to someone, or that you can't be with other girls. I know for sure that he is with other girls. A guy like him can't be alone. I wonder with how much girls he has been on his vacations, you never know what he does when he is drunk and can't remember what he has done the last night. Maybe I am just some girl for him, one of those many girls. Just a small amound of his time. Just a toy.

Or I'm not, I am different. Maybe. I'm not sure. Nothing is sure. The damn boy gets jealous when somebody even lays eyes on me. What will happen if anybody ever, I don't even want to think about it. Maybe I am different for him, his reaction when I said boyfriend. Maybe he realised it, that I am not just some thing to mess around with. I need something that is what it is. I need to know if he will stay with me, because if not, then I am just waiting time. I need to know what is wrong. I will know what is wrong. I will.

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