I laid in bed contemplating my life. Why of all people was I thrown into this mess. I closed my eyes and rolled over trying to maybe get some sleep before the PSAT.

I've already taken it but since I'm low key under cover about my age I decided to take it again.

My head started to throb slightly and I groaned and rolled on my back causing more pain.

"Try and control it." I said to myself and focused in on the pain. A vision appeared in my head. It seemed to be a forest. I focused in more and began to make out a well.

"What the hell" I whispered.

I heard scraping and growling from inside the well so I tried to focus on the inside. It was fuzzy and I could only make out a pair of yellow eyes.

I bolted upright in my bed and immediately looked for my phone.

I scrambled around before finally finding it and calling Scott.

No answer.

I called him over twenty times and still no answer.

"I have to find Liam." I said and got up shoving on my shoes and a jacket. I opened my door and there Jordan, t-shirt and all, stood getting ready to knock.

He gave me a confused look.

"Where are you going it's two in the morning." He said and made his way inside.

"Uh to Lydia's house yeah.." I lied and he raised his eyebrow.

"No you're not you're staying here. You need to rest." He said taking a step closer to me.

"Alright." I said awkwardly and sent Scott a text that I knew where Liam was. I shut the door and turned around.

Jordan was inches away from my face and my stomach fluttered from adrenaline.

"I need to apologize for earlier. I don't really know what I was doing.." He whispered leaning in closer.

My stomach was exploding and my mind was racing when he placed his lips against mine.

My body wouldn't work at first so I just stood there then finally realizing what was happening my instincts took control.

I laced my arms around his neck and he wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me closer.

The kiss deepened and as we continued like this for awhile my head was screaming at me to take off my clothes but I waited.

He picked me up off of the ground and carried me to my room closing the door behind him and you can guess what happened next.

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