Chapter 4 | Rejection

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Through the power of a tiny bit of eavesdropping, I had found out that I share all of Matt's afternoon classes. This would be an amazing way to torment him all year. The classes we shared were gym and science, but I only had one thing on my mind. I get to see him change.

Unfortunately, it seemed that I had hit a rough patch in my plan to torture him. He had taken to ignoring me when I spoke to him instead of responding and leaving himself open for more conversation. If he didn't respond, I didn't have anything to build off of. 

As I walked to gym class, I tried to create a plan to get around his wall of silence. I was almost immediately snapped out of my thoughts, when I noticed Matt also heading to gym class further up the hallway. I sped over, trying to catch up with him. I was just about to slap his ass when he grabbed my wrist and pulled me to walk beside him. 

"Don't touch me. Don't you ever touch me!" He ordered before letting go of my wrist which was starting to hurt.

"No promises." I chuckled.

"Why couldn't I have gotten a normal person as my roommate?" He muttered to himself.

"Hey! Has it ever occurred to you that I'm the normal one? You greasers are angry all the time, yet you say other people aren't normal. You need to lighten up." I smirked while slapping his ass like I had been planning. He grabbed my arm and pushed me up against a few lockers. I had never seen more hatred in anyone's eyes. 

"I swear to god, if you weren't my roommate I would kill you." He whispered. I figured that he would just dismiss everything that I said from this point on, so I just smirked at the proximity of our faces. "God damn, what am I doing. This is what you wanted, you fucking perv." Matt scoffed while continuing to head to gym class. I rolled my eyes before following him.

Once I entered the locker room I searched for Matt, so I could choose a locker that's close to his. I finally spy him throwing his gym bag into a locker in the far corner. I headed over to where he was standing and put my stuff into a locker that was two lockers away from his, so we'd have room to change. As I lifted off my shirt, I turned to him.

"Hey babe. What a coincidence that we ended up almost right next to each other." I teased. When Matt didn't even turn his head in my direction I turned back to my locker. I pulled off my white joggers before reaching into my gym bag for my shorts. I let my eyes wander over to Matt who seemed to quickly be looking away from me. Was he checking me out? I slid my gym shorts on before turning to look at Matt again. I catch him looking right at me, expressionless. He looked away quickly before taking his shirt and jacket off and putting them into his locker. I turned back to my locker again as I changed my shoes. Matt audibly exhaled before pulling down his own black joggers. In my peripheral vision I could see him speeding to put on his gym shorts. Once he was somewhat decent, I turned to him once more.

"What?" He asked, sounding extremely annoyed as he pulled his blue t-shirt over his head. I took a slow step closer to him. He finally managed to get the shirt over his head so that he was able to see me. He began to breath gently out of his mouth as I got closer, not able to take his eyes off of mine.

"Nothing. Just looking." I replied. We stared at each other for a few seconds in silence.

"Look, just stop pushing me. You won't like the outcome." He glared at me before shoving my shoulder as he walked by to leave the locker room.

I pulled on my shirt and promptly left the locker room after him. The boys who had already gotten changed were all stretching on one side of the gym. I went over to join them. 

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