Wow, why am I so cold? Last time I knew it I was in my extremely, soft and comfortable bed. Now I feel cold, damp and sore. What? How? Why? I cant believe my eyes at the moment. Surprisingly, my eyes show that I'm in a dark, cold, and scary forest. 

The smell, which is confusing me, is of aftershave - I need to get up now. Am I  alone or with someone? Using my aching legs, i get up slowly, and to my surprise, I notice HIM! "AAAAHHHHH!" I screamed quietly to myself, wow, I love this forest. I, Kay-Lee Williams, was just lying next to THE Niall Horan!

I didn't acknowledge the dark, creepy and frighting forest until I had finally taken my eyes off of Niall. His beautiful and godlike features had taken over my sights until I looked up.

How had I got here? Why me? Was I dreaming?

Skillfully, I walked around the forest a bit, to try and see if I could notice anything familiar. That was until I saw a white ghost, but it couldn't have been because it was square? When I walked over there, i saw it was a piece of paper with writing on it. i took the shabby, dilapidated paper and walked back to Niall, who still hadn't woken up yet. I must wake him up as its gone 10 am, (I have a watch on and its gone 10 am in British time). 

I walk over to him and start to whisper in his ear but it doesn't work, then I start shaking him (I'm mentally freaking out, I'm touching Niall Horan and not in that way dirty minded people) but that doesn't work so i start shouting at him and shake him even  harder.

"What do you want? I'm sleeping , if you want a pitcher with me sorry but I - Where am I? how did I get here?" Niall screamed jumping up from were he was lying.

"Have you..." I stopped him from talking but shushing him and putting my finger up to his mouth.

"I don't know where we are or how we got here or anything but screaming at me and asking questions I don't know the answer to is pointless, so please care down," So I am now talking to him, wow his voice sounds so sexy in the morning, anyway... I have to show him the letter.

"Anyway, I'm Kay-Lee and I am a huge fan but enough of me telling who I am, I found this letter but I haven't read it yet because you weren't up so I woke you up. Here's the letter, can you please read it out because I'm too scared to do it," I gave Niall the letter, it said:

To Kay-Lee & Niall,

I am someone who has fun watching people try and escape my mazes, so I picked you two because I am in love with the band 1D and I knew how to kidnap Kay-Lee.

So to escape this maze you must find the rest of the band and Kay-Lee's 2 best friends and sister. You will be given clues to help you figure out who it is you must find, plus it will have a very vague explanation on where they are but you must find the clues by yourself.

Of you go, you guys have have a week to find all 7 people before the gates of the forest close, and you get locked in forever...

Good luck (not really but hay I'm trying to be a tiny bit nicer)

The Hider.

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