how it started

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Beep beep beep  .......i snuggled up and looked over at my alarm clock 9:00 am "shit ".ijumped out of bed and grab my clothes off the chair.i had 15 minutes to get ready and be at the cafe.

I finally was dress i ran to the door and picked up my keys and left mine and tavia's apartment .i basically ran to the cafe . As i entered i realized my mum must had been late also since she wasnt there.i put my things down and went to order a drink."hello what can i get you"asked the waitress ,she was pretty with long black hair "hit chocolate if you would" she smiled and turned to the machine .all of a sudden i heard a strong scotish accent behind me i turned and there he was"you  dropped this " he was tall handsome."oh my god thank you" he passed me my watch."i am sam by the way sam mctrusty".i knew it i listened to the band but didnt know his name..."sophie smith you want a coffee?"

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