3. A Date

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Roxy's was in the middle of Waterfield, the school sat right on the outskirts. Ethan said it would take a good fifteen minutes walking before we arrived. He offered to carry my school bag, I let him. After heaving it about all day it felt like a bag of gold. He listened as I spoke about my old school and laughed at all the appropriate moments. I asked him about his life. He told me about his brother who had got into Cambridge and his sister, a sports fanatic that had won loads of running medals.
"I'm not really good at any to be honest," he smiled shyly.
I didn't know how to answer. Ethan looked away,
"Anyway, looking forward to Roxy's? They do the best hotdogs ever!"
"What kind of place is it?"
"It's awesome, everyone hangs out there, it's like an old retro diner place, mmmm... I'm starving!"

The shops were just coming into view. There was one Main Street right down the middle. It wasn't very busy, a few people scattered here and there. I was used to Bridgeman's mobbed pavements, the neon signs of the takeaway shops and the lights of the big shopping centre. Waterfield was feeble in comparison.

"Right, there it is, the one on the corner," I squinted towards Ethan's pointed finger. It was right at the end of the street. The walls were painted red and the word 'Roxy's' glowed green above the door. A bell jingled as we stepped inside, a girl greeted us.
"Hello Ethan! And who are you with today?" she wore a red apron and a hat.
"Hey Nicki, this is Rhea."
She flashed a smile at me, "Hi Rhea! Nice to meet you."
"So you two want a seat?"
"A seat would be good," Ethan laughed.

As we walked down the middle of the tables, I could see all the girl's heads turn to look at Ethan and me. I felt like a model on the catwalk. There was a chain of whispers.
"Who's she?"
"Are they going out?"
"It's Rhea,"
"She's so lucky."
I basked in the attention.

I slide into the booth next to Ethan. He looked around, catching the stares of jealous girls, he rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably.
"Ethan, are you okay?"
"Yeah I'm fine, I just wonder why they're all staring."
"I don't know." I felt happy all these girls fancied Ethan and I was the one with him!
"Should we get hotdogs?"
Ethan nodded eagerly, "Yeah as I said they're the best!"

Nicki came to take our orders.
"So, did you give up on that Julia?" She asked jokingly.
Ethan frowned, "Julia...?"
Nicki laughed in disbelief "Julia Hardy, the one you were eyeing up in here last week."
"Oh, that Julia..." He frowned again, creases etched across his forehead. "I don't get it..."
I felt a slight blow to the stomach, Julia. Julia? He liked Julia? Why hadn't he said something!

"You know why he didn't say something", a voice whispered inside my head. I tried to push it away, no he likes me, he truly likes me and he didn't want to mess everything up by telling me about his past crush for Julia.

"The hotdogs will be coming in a few minutes."
Ethan sat, with his hands in his head. I ducked down, his eyes were shut.
He raised his head. "I'm sorry Rhea, I just got a bit confused."
"That's okay, I understand." We sat in silence.

Nicki wobbled over to our table, carrying our hotdogs and drinks.
"Here you go, enjoy!"
Ethan started to perk up, " Have you seen that new Ghost movie that just came out?" he asked.
"Oh no! Horror movies are too scary!"
"I love them! The suspense, the moments when you jump out of your seats and all of it leading up to a dramatic ending!"
I smiled at his enthusiastic face. Just at that moment the bell above the door clanged, I glanced over to see who was coming in. Alice strode towards the counter, with Julia behind her. My cheeks burned, Ethan hadn't noticed yet.

They spotted us, I concentrated on Julia. Both of them waved excitedly.
"Hey Rhea! Hey Ethan!"
"Oh there's Julia and Alice!" Ethan called them over.
"Hi Ethan," Julia smiled shyly. Ethan smiled back, his brown eyes sparkled.
"How are you Julia?"
Julia giggled, "I'm good."
I frowned very slightly in Julia's direction. She moved back from the table. "anyway we should probably get somewhere to sit."
"You could sit he-" I cut him off. Julia and Alice looked at each other then went over to another booth. Ethan scowled at the table. I fixed my mind on him, and watched as his face slowly brightened. He started to chat again. We spent a bit longer in the diner then decided to leave, it was nearly six o'clock.

Ethan offered his hand as we walked into the blustery night.
"Where do you live?"
"Torond Crescent I think..."
"That's great! I live about two blocks away from there I can walk you home!" Ethan looked pleased. I shivered, thank god he knew where he was going because I didn't have a clue! I stumbled up the hill, huddling into Ethan as much as I could. It was freezing! Eventually we crossed on to a familiar street, with rows and rows of identical whitewashed houses. My house looked much the same. I spotted it, the neat patch of grass in the front, with tiny flowers poking out of the flower beds. The person before us had been incredibly particular about their garden, everything was immaculate. It wouldn't be like that for long, soon it would be overgrown with weeds like our last one.

"This is it," we stopped. Ethan's face shone in the street light, we stood apart.
"So...that was fun,"
"Yeah it was great," I looked up at him. Was he going to kiss... Did I want him to? I wouldn't make him, he had to. It was up to him. I tried to not concentrate on his lips. The wind whistled between the trees, there was complete silence. All I could hear was his breathing. I waited, he waited. I shuffled on my feet. Please kiss me, I thought. Show me you really do care.

He bent his head, I moved closer. Peppermint tickled his breathe, our noses brushed against each other. His lips were hard and rough, I felt his hands clasp around my waist as he pulled me forward. My heart raced, I love you I thought and you truly do love me.

I closed my eyes, and stopped. My head was pounding, I pushed him away. Ethan just stared. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek, I was shocked.
"Rhea?" I just shook my head. He didn't care, I had wanted him to kiss me so he had. My first kiss. A lie, not love at all.

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