Promises and Goodbyes

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Hours past, after the movie Mike, Matt and Sam leaves while Finn went straight to the cinema entrance to meet Quinn.

Finn pov

When i saw Quinn I immediately take her hand "Hey there ms. Fabray, miss me?. Sure she did, come on lets go.

When Quinn and I are in the car everything was quiet on the way home, she won't talk to me so to break the silence Ispoke "so Q, how's is the notebook, is it great?" I ask her.

"Yeah it was, I wish you were there with me" Quinn said looking away, I felt bad this should be our weekend but I ruined it but I think i know what to make her happy "I am so sorry Q tell you what I'll make it up to you we are going to a place I know you will love and I promise you next saturday I am all yours, I promise" I said, she sighed.

"Finn promises can be broken so don't make one" she said.

"But I do promise no more other stuff, just us and no one else" I said.

"Ok" she said.

I stop the car for awhile then face her "Can you please smile, it doesn't look good when your sad" I say to her,  she indeed smile but I can totally see it was fake.

"Come on Quinn" i beg, she look at me.

"I'm not in the mood ok so can you please drive I want to go home now" she snap.

As of that I start the car and continue to drive our way to a place I know she'll love "Finn where are we going I thought we are going home" She said as she notice we are in the different side of town.

"I told you I am going to make it up to you a promise is a promise, we can go home later after this" I said and drove to an ice cream shop and buy some ice cream for me and Quinn "here you go Q" I say as I hand her the ice cream she smiles "Now there's that beautiful smile, you know you really are beautiful in all angles" I said.

"Stop joking, you really know how to make me smile" She say as she take the ice cream from my hand.

"Of course I am your bestfriend but  seriously I am telling the truth and I hope everyone can see that" I said.

After eating before we went back in my car Quinn stop me "What's wrong?" I ask her. She hugs me and pulls away.

"I hope you won't change or leave me behind again it hurts me" She said.

"I won't do that, I am not making any promises but I assure you I am not gonna change or leave you again like that, I am sorry if I hurt you" I apologise.

"Its ok I understand I am just hurt because this was suppose to be our day but you ruin it but is done now and we are ok with that so lets go inside the car and lets go home it kinda late too" she said with a smile.

"Yes ma'am" I said laughing..

We went inside the car and and drove our way home.. At My house, when I went inside he saw dad at the living room looking at my mom's picture.

I sigh "Hey dad, you miss mom do you?" I say.

"yeah I still couldn't believe she is gone" dad said.

"Me too but I am sure wherever she is right now I bet she's happy" I said.

"I know" Dad said as he put mom's picture down.

"Well I am going to my room now I am tired" I said getting up.

"Finn wait" dad called up.

"What is it dad?" I turned around.

"Son I know your mom died twenty years ago and I can't still forget her I really love her but you do know I have a girlfriend who I am planning to marry" He say to me.

"Yeah and that's cool with me Iwant you to be happy dad" I say as assurance to him.

"I already propose to her and we're getting married in a few months and we been planning that the wedding will be held at vancouver" He said.

"That's great its a nice venue for the wedding" I said.

"But at the same time I am thinking that after the wedding we will move to vancouver for good" I suddenly shocked at what my dad said.

"Woah are you serious about that?" I ask him.

"Yes I am and oh we'll leave the very next day after tomorrow, sorry if I did not tell you this earlier but being busy at work I forgot to tell you I hope you understand" He said as he tap my shoulder.

"I don't have actually have a choice, I know you have a rough time accepting moms death and I told you I want you to be happy so whatever you plan I am ok with it and I completely understand" I said to my dad.

"Thanks son" my dad hug me "Don't worry I'll you some time tomorrow to say goodbyeto your friends and especially Quinn" he said.

Oh no Quinn, I forgot about her a minute ago how can I tell her I am leaving after I said that I am not going to leave her I sigh, I guess I just have to think of a good way to tell her and I hope she understands "You alright son" my dad ask noticing something is wronv with me.

"Yeah everything is ok, tomorrow I'll go to Quinn's house to tell her I am leaving" I said with a fake smile.

"Well good luck with that I know she'll understand" He said as he leaves and goes to his room in a minute I went to my room and thinking what would i say to Quinn. I kept thinking that I didn't notice the time and that I already fall asleep.

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