Chapter 41

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Chapter 41

“I still can’t believe your mum suddenly understands everything she put you through and is letting you stay with us,” Niall said as we walked hand-in-hand up the steps to the stage of the Fort Lauderdale concert, the last concert of the Up All Night tour.

I laughed, swinging our hands between us. “You’re telling me. I think Robert put her on medication or something, but hey enough about me. How does it feel to be at the last concert for the UAN tour? Wait, I should vlog this.” I pulled out my flip-cam and hit record before turning it on Niall and repeating the question in an attempted announcer voice. Let’s just say Louis’ was much better than mine.

Niall chuckled and shook his head at me as we walked. “It’s kinda surreal, to be fair. It feels amazing, but at the same time it’s strange and I feel like the tour just got started. It’s ending entirely too soon.”

“Does One Direction have anything special planned for their last show?”

Niall winked at me. “You’ll have to wait and see.” With that, he took the camera away from me and turned it to face me.

“No, no, no! Ni, I’m not dressed to be on camera!” I groaned, swatting at the lens after gesturing to my sweatpants and loose tank.

“You look amazing, Red. You always do.”

I rolled my eyes, but a pink tint overtook my cheeks which made Niall laugh.

“Anyway, do you have anything special planned for tonight, Kora?” He asked me, doing his weird little eyebrow raise thing he does.

“Unfortunately, no. I still can’t dance because of my ankle injury, so I’ll just be on the side with the crew like always.”



“I can’t believe I let you talk me into this!” I hissed at Niall as Lou Teasdale put the finishing touches on my makeup and Danielle helped with my hair.

He winked at me in the mirror. “It wasn’t hard actually. You’re quite easy to persuade.”

“Uh-oh,” Danielle chuckled. “How much kissing was involved?”

I groaned. “A lot. Enough for him to convince me to come onstage and freaking sing!”

“You have an amazing voice, Red. You should share it with everyone. Besides, it’s just one song.”

I sighed and went back to chewing on my lip. I can’t believe I agreed to go on stage with One Direction and sing a cover of The Ready Set’s song Give Me Your Hand. Granted it was one of my favorite songs, but seriously! I don’t think I have ever been more nervous in all of my life. Sure, I can get up and dance in front of hundreds of thousands of people with no problem, but singing? I had never done that in all my life.

“You’re done, love,” Lou told me with a pat on my back.

I thanked her and stood up, taking in my appearance. They had dressed me in the black dress and heels Niall got me for my birthday because the stage would be set up like a party for this particular song, but they left my makeup simple and my hair was just curled. I couldn’t help but smile. I loved the look, now if I could just walk in these heel.

A pair of arms suddenly slipped around my waist from behind and Niall caught my eyes in the mirror. He had a huge grin on his face, his blue eyes sparkling. “You look gorgeous, love. Beautiful.”

A blush colored my cheeks, but my smile grew. “Thank you.”

“Are you ready? We have ten minutes until I go on.”

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