Chapter 2. Lovesick

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Two weeks after my feelings towards Hollie spiralled out of control I began to lose appetite and have acute insomnia with a sharp pain in my chest and the area where my heart is. Amy, my closest friend, states "James, what's wrong? you don't look so good.". I lie and tell her "I'm okay, I promise that I am.". I get to my English class by lethargically dragging myself there. Mr. Derdahm informs the class that we have someone joining us. I move my eyes towards the door. My eyes widen with shock as our new classmate strides in. Hair tied up, gleaming eyes. My heart stops momentarily. Why did it have to be Hollie. She scans the room and spots me with my head buried in my arms. "Miss Laylak, you will sit next to James" Mr. Durdahm says. Why me, why does she have to sit next to me. I move to the left so Hollie can sit down. She cheerily says "Hi James." I retort "You actually remembered my name this time.". I don't know what was up with her but she invited me to go into town with her. The next day Hollie was acting even weirder than yesterday, she was ecstatic, you needed fast reactions to follow her movements. "Calm down, Hollie" I tell her. No response. Break was weird but... a good weird. Hollie was with me and my friends, what is up with her today? Saturday, Leeds City Centre. She was calm and back to her usual self, we went to Pulp, HMV, WHSmith and Blue Inc., it was fun and the pains in my heart were progressively getting worse. She told me to come to her house for a while and I did go there. We watched a couple of horror movies and comedy movies. Then we watched a romance movie. Just as I was leaving to go home, Hollie held me tightly and told me to stay by her side forever. I ask her "Hollie. What's wrong?" she cries and tells me that her so called "friends" used her convenience just after me and her got closer. "Those are the kinds of people I detest the most." I remark. Hollie squeezed me tighter, I never thought someone would actually accept me for me and wouldn't use me. I don't think we're that different after all. I ask her "What's your favorite band?", I get the response "Slipknot.". I told her that I would take her to see them next month. She jumps excitedly as her sorrow was obliterated by joy. In a spur of the moment, Hollie kisses me for a short duration and pulls away. My heart feels like it's going to burst from exhilaration or confusion to what event just happened. "Oh my god. I'm so sorry! Why did I do something so stupid?". I leave and say "Just forget about it. It's fine". She jokingly says "You're quite fun and cheery, for a sadist.". I wave and say goodbye to her.

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