Shaylas P.O.V

I laid in bed next to Cody liking post on instagram. I had posted a picture of what I looked like in the morning and a bunch of Set It Off fan girls scrambled to tell me how gorgeous I was. I knew they were doing it for Codys approval but it still made me feel good. I heard Cody start to groan a little. I looked over and he kept cringing. "Cody?" I asked. Cody was known for having night terrors. He never really got good sleep...either nightmares or his insomnia. He began to breath heavily. "Cody?" I said a bit louder. A couple tears ran down his cheeks. I grabbed his arm and shook it a bit. He scrunched his face up then began to scream. "Cody!? CODY WAKE UP!!" I yelled shaking him roughly. His eyes shot open and he took deep breaths. I grabbed him and held him close. He was shaking and sweating and his heart was pounding so hard that I could feel it on my chest. "Its okay baby" I whispered running my right hand through his hair and holding him close with my left. He seemed like he was trying to say something but he couldn't get it out. He just kept gasping. "Shhhhh...its okay" I said holding him tighter. "I-i" he tried to say. I kissed his forehead. "I'm sorry" he finally got out. "Its okay" I said "just breathe" he took a couple deep breaths and I felt him get a bit more relaxed. He wrapped his arms around me. I wondered what that nightmare was about but I didn't ask. I just held him close. I hated seeing him like this. I grabbed my phone and played "Whoever She Is" by The Maine. It always calmed me so I thought it would help him.

Danny's P.O.V

Zach sat on the couch clutching his phone and tapped his foot angrily. "You okay?" I asked him. He shook his head no. "Whats up man?" I asked getting up and sitting next to him. "Hannah! She won't answer my calls....nothing!" I patted his shoulder. "Its okay man...women are weird like that." I said. "Shes pissing me off" he said clinched his fist. "Maybe we should go see her" I offered. He nodded and we got up. We got in my car and drove to her house. The whole ride was full of tension. He was so pissed. As we got to her house Zach unlocked the door with his key. " Go to hell, for heavens sake" by Bring Me The Horizon. Was blasting from upstairs. "Hannah!?" Zach yelled over the music. Something didn't feel right and I think Zach agreed because he took off running up the stairs. "Hannah!" He yelled. He opened her door and covered his mouth. I followed and looked into the room. Hannah was laying on her back in a pool of blood. There were cuts.....everywhere...deep cuts....slices....they weren't even fucking cuts they were war wounds. There were a couple heroin needles and a bottle of Hennessey. Zach fell to his knees. Holy shit.

Codys P.O.V

Cambia and Shayla sung "Get up" by Mayday Parade as we walked down the street. I was pushing Bethany in her stroller and Shayla and Cambia had gotten ice cream. It was all good vibes. Shayla wanted us to go on this walk to make up for what happened this morning. God I love this girl. My phone began to ring. It was Danny. I answered and he sounded so numb. I heard Zach yelling in the background. "Hannah" Danny said. "What? What about Hannah?" I asked. "She she's she's killed herself" I stopped. Oh my god. Shayla and Cambia looked back wondering why I stopped walking. Shayla looked in concern. "I'll be there " "no!" Danny said "just...I" he then hung up and I stood there in shock and confusion. "Babe what's wrong.....all the color is like...drained from your face" Shayla said walking up to me. Cambia followed. "Hannahs dead" I said. Cambia gasped. "Oh my god" Shayla said shaking her head. "Poor Zach" she said and a tear fell down her cheek. I grabbed her and hugged her. This is so fucked up.
The girl in the pic is what Hannah looked like

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