The Begining

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Hey, first let me introduce myself, my name is Emilia Gilbert. Am not Elena's or Jeremy's twin, but I am the youngest gilbert in the family. I am younger than Jeremy. I've been shy my whole life except if you get to know me then i open up to you, I am also open with my family but once the car accident happened then I closed myself in my shell again. I have many friends mainly because am not mean to anyone so they have no reason to hate me, but I only have a handful of close friends. My childhood friend who is also my best friend is Tyler Lockwood, you probably heard of him, he is quite popular in this school after all. Then are of cource my family, they are above all though.. Then my other close friends in the group are Matt, Caroline, Bonnie and Vicky. Vicky and Tyler are together now, I think they don't belong together but i support them anyway because they are my friends. Anyhoe, my favourite color is lilac-violet-purple. My favourite food is none because I L-O-V-E food and I eat anything. Ok, thats about it for me, you will find out more about me later(if i feel like telling you *evil laugh*) anyway!! lets start!!

Emilia's POV

I woke up in the morning not feeling like getting up to get the bus to school, maybe I'll ask Elena and Bonnie if they can give me a ride, that way I can stay a little longer in bed. I smiled at the thought and snuggled deeper into my sheets. As I was falling asleep though my alarm clock went off. I sighed, none wants me to get any extra sleep, do they? I opened my eyes and looked at the ceeling, I groaned and sat up streching and getting out of bed. I went to the bathroom and did my daily routine, I dont think you want details on that. When I finished, I went back to my room and looked into the mirror, my blonde long hair which were once soft was a birds nest now. I grabbed my brush and started brushing them, once I was done they were silky with no tangles. I then went to my closet and searched my clothes to find something good enough to wear for the first day back to school. I found a lovely white flowy top with high waisted jeans and I matched them with my white converse. Once I changed from my pijamas to my outfit I put my favourite perfume, then  went downstairs.

When I reached the kitchen I found Elena making coffee but before I could go grab the mug from her Jeremy beat her to it making me and Elena pout.

"Hey!!" Elena and I said at the same time, but I continued saying "I was going to get that!!". Elena turned to me and gave me a playful glare making me giggle. I went to her and gently pulled her away from the coffee, getting 2 more mugs only to be gently pushed  away.

"Am the big sister, not you Lia, I am supposed to take care of you, not you us" she said pouring coffee into one mug then pouring milk to the other and putting it in the microwave. I was watching her the whole time.

"Elena, ill have the coffee right?" I asked her to make sure she wasnt warming up the milk for nothing.

"No, you wont have the coffee Lia, coffee is not healthy for you, you are still very young for coffee" she said.

"Nooo thats just rasist!! I am only a year younger than Jeremy and he gets to drink coffee!" I exclaimed pouting.

"Yeah, but Jeremy started from before, he got used to it" was her smart reply. I sighed not bothering to fight more. The microwave stoped right then so she went and opened the little door, taking the mug out and puting it on the kitchen table then opening a drawer and pulling out the strawberry flavour powder and putting 2 small spoons of it in the mug then mixing it together.

"Thank you" I said and sat on the table to drink my hot strawberry. Then I remembered, I had to ask Elena if I could go with them to school. "Elena? Is Bonnie picking you up?" I asked.

"Yeah" she said still drinking her coffee.

"Can she give me a ride? I dont want to go to school with the bus today.." I trailed off. She nodded.

"Its Bonnie..I don't think she will say no to you" Elena said making Jeremy nod in agreement. Just then Jenna came rushing in the kitchen.

"Its the first day on school and am totally unprepared" she said going to her bag pulling out money "money for lunch?" she asked raising her perfect shaped eyebrow. Jeremy grabed it and muttered a thank you then went out the door. I had a feeling that money wouldnt go on food for lunch. "And I have an interview today also.. at.." she checked her clock "now" she said and uickly let her hair down then turned to us "down hair or up hair?" she asked.

"Hmmm down hair says 'am trying too much for my own good'" said Elena.

"And up hair says 'am not trying too much, am sexy naturally'" I continued. Me and Elena looked at each other and said at the same time "Definately up" then looked back at Jenna. She nodded and muttered something under her breath, it sounded like 'ok..thats not wierd at all' making me giggle. Just then we heard horn making our heads snap to the window.

"Bonnie's here" Elena said, I nodded and grabbed my backpack. "Bye Aunt Jenna!" we said at the same time and went out the door.

"Hey Bonnie, can you give me a ride please?" I asked politely. She giggled and nodded, so I oppened the backseat door and sat inside. Bonnie then started talking about how her grams says she's a witch.

I drift in my own world though, I start thinking of Tyler, could he really love Vicky? I think its not working out because even my brother wants Vicky and they fight each other for her and she does nothing, even though each time am there and stop Tyler from hurting Jeremy, she does nothing else..she just watches them and its pissing me off..even though she is my brother is above her, even above Tyler..I've also had a crush on Tyler for a long time but I was scared to say it to him thinking that if he didnt feel the same about me then our friendship would never be the same again, and I didnt want that. Then he started dating Vicky so I backed off completly, not from being his best friend but from telling him my feelings for him.

Just then the car stopped, a little too quickly might I add that the seabelt didnt stop me fast enough and I hit my head on the sit in front of me. I groan grabbing my head and looking slowly up to see what happened. Elena and Bonnie were looking at me with wide eyes.

"Am so sorry guys, that bird came out of no where! I swear I didn't mean to stop like that! Are you both ok? Am so sorry!!" Bonnie kept apologising.

"Relax Bonnie, we are fine..we cant be scared of cars for the rest of our lives.." Elena said.

"Speak for yourself" I muttered too low for her to hear. Then Bonnie said about what she predicted for Elena and we were off to school again. This time I didnt get lost in my own thoughts, I was hearing the songs on the radio Bonnie had on.

Finally we reached school and I slowly got out, still holding my haid. Bonnie got out of her car and then saw me.

"You ok Lil?" she asked. I shook my head.

"I feel dizzy, can you guys please take my to Tyler?" I asked politely. They nodded and they lead me to him. We got there and Tyler saw me.

"Hey Emi, whats wrong? You ok?" he asked putting a hhand around my shoulder.

"Yeah am fine, just a little dizzy, ill be fine soon" I said and nodded. He nodded and pulled me to his lap where he was sitting, talking with his friends. Then Vicky came and stood next to Tyler, he got up taking me with him and held me bridal style before he set me down. I understood that they wanted time to theirselves so I excused myself and went inside the school to my locker which was near Elena's. I saw Elena talking with Bonnie and then I saw her eyes fixed on someone. I followed her gaze and saw Jeremy going into the guys' bathroom. I sighed and told her I was going to check on him and that she shouldnt worry, then went inside the guys' restroom.

"Jeremy?" I asked then saw him "please tell me you're not high from now.." I said checking his eyes. He gently grabbed my hands and put them down.

"Lia, am don't need to worry about me" he said. I sighed.

"Jeremy you're my brother, of course I care about you" I said and hugged him "please stop getting that stuff..I don't want to loose you.." I muttered. He nodded and hugged me tighter whispering 'i'll try' Then he let me go and went out the boys' restroom.

I went out too and before I could take another step further I bumped into a hard chest. I looked up slowly and saw

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