You gone learn today

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Jacob pov

As we were loading the getting ready to get taylor I couldn't stop thinking about trish I really have strong feelings for this girl. Yea yea uea I know that we've only been here for 2 weeks now but she has an strong effect on me. At first I just wanted to come here and do my job but then she started to talk to me from time to time. I remember the first time she started to talk to me.

*Flashback *

I was just wondering the halls and her door was cracked and she was dancing to aaliyah's 4 page letter she was killing it too. I open the door more and started recording her ,toward the end of the choreography I joined her she didn't stop she just kept doing what Aaliyah did in the video. Then the song stopped.

"Wow i didn't you could dance" I told to her

"You don't know alot of things about me "

"Well can I get to know you "I asked her. She gave me an unsure look

"Your the guard remember " she told me fixing her bed

"Well I need to know if your gonna kill me in this house or not " I said jokingly. She laughed god that laughed I could hear it all day if I wanted to.

"Ok " she said sitting on her bed and i sat on the endge. "Ask away"

"Whats your favorite color "


"T.v. show"

"I have many can't really say"

"Food "


"Pet peeve "

"Loud mouth females " she rolled her eyes i chuckled

"Are you a lesbian "


"What " I asked surprised but kind of upset thats probably why she don't talk to us.

"Sike ! Boy I'm strictly dickly " she said laughing. I sighed in relief

"You should've seen your face " she said laughing crying

"Oh so that's funny huh "I asked getting up going over to her she stopped instantly and looked at me. I got on top of her and sat on her waist tickling her she laughed again and squirmed under me .

"Ok ok chill chill" she said laughing trying to push me off but she was too weak a the moment. "Say I'm sorry papi and I'll get up" "hell no " "ok " I tickled her more .

"Stop imma pee" she laughed

"Say it"

"I'm sorry papi"

"For what "

"Laughing at you "

I got up and she went in her bathroom " I giggled. She came out and looked at me.

"Hahaha very funny " she rolled her eyes


*End of Flashback*

"Yall ready " she asked coming down in leather pants with combat boots a Leather crop top her hair was in a ponytail and Vaseline on.

"Lets go"

We hoped in the truck and drove to the place. When we got there me and the boys kicked down the door I told Trish to stay in the car . Then she just walked through the halls.

"Didn't I tell you to stay in the car !"

"Yea and " she said "This is some bullshit"

"What " me amd the boys asked

"Their gone my sister is not here they played us " she said getting real pissed

"How do you know that " ray asked

"Because it says on that wall right behind you"

Did you actually think that we were just gonna give her up just like that? Ha! think again .

Then the t.v. on the wall came on.

"Hello trish and... friends "

"Who are you and how do you know my name " trish questioned the old Puerto rican looking man.

"Oh trish you don't remember me "

Trish pov

*Flashback *

"Michael there coming " my mother screamed

I looked to my right and saw a man driving up with six males in out side of the Windows.

"We love you baby girls " my parents said and ran down the street but was soon shot in there back going through there heart's

*Flashback over*

I gasped

"You remember now trishy wishy" he laughed


"You m-murderer " I said through gritten teeth

"I wouldn't call it murder more like pay back "

"My parents did nothing to you "

"See now that's were your wrong I told your father and mother that I needed my

50 mill and they didn't give it up so I had to take action"

"BULLSHIT you didnt have to SHIT it wasn't their fault you are a greedy fat ass pig "

"Oh so were name calling now " he rose an eyebrow.

"Were is my sister " I looked down

"Why do you care you were just yelling at her right "

"How do you know that . Are you...ARE YOU WATCHING ME DIP SHIT" i asked pointing to myself.

"Ding ding ding mami and I've seen you naked it's a lovely sighting" he smiled

"Let's go " I told the boys


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