Untitled Part 2

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         "Allright so whats the game plan, John" i said i had just got done washing the dishes that had been generated by breakfest. "well the mayjor issue so far is that were broke, i dont know how to get into henrys bank and six hasn't had any luck getting into her cepans bank eather, so that leaves us as i said before broke" six nodded in agreement, surpisingly they all looked at me "what?" John shook his head like it was a stupid question"Sam your the only human who is coming with us when we leave and we hoped that you might have a way accumulate money.

        "well i've never had a job in my life but i do have my savings that we can use plu, wait hold on i think i have an idea" john and six looked at eachother then nodded to him to go on"well have you ever heard of street racing?" six nodded but john said"Nope whats that" "well you have to get a car thats well... fast then you take it to these races located on any street you can race for money or you can sighn a contract to whoever wins gets the others car" " well sounds like a good idea but where are we gonna get the car and have you ever done this before" i shook my head to the first part" I have a car already that we can use but no i've never done this before" "Well the sooner we get the car the sooner we can go" i noded standing up " come on i'll need someone to drive the truck while i drive the car.

        John stood up "i'll come" "i figured you would" we both hopped in the truck i put it into gear and shot out of the drive way"to the bat cave!

        Once we had arrived at my house i motioned towards another garage that was tucked away behind the house" how come you never showed me this" john said " how come you never told me you were an alian" i said equally as i turned on the garage lights in the center was a car that was covered with a canvas sheet. John looked at me "well lets see what we got here" he said as he peeled away the canvas i helped him out once it was done sitting in all her glory was my "gray 1967 shelby GT500 with black stripes"  

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