chapter 2

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"Sure" he answered "can i have a coffee to" the girl turned and nodded.i turned to look at him he was tall ,deep loving blue eyes . When i finally realzied i should stop admiring his looks i glanced at the girl behind the counter she knew who he was for sure ,giggling her self she gave me a wink ."i will bring the drinks to you " she said as she turned .i looked at sam and he smiled back .his smile was gorgous his mouth opened so i could see his perfect white teeth."well i think we better sit down then dont you ?" He laughed to him self .i walked to where my coat and bag was dumped and slid to the end of the table, i looked up and he was already infront of me."i do know you!" Oh shit i said that out loud i   am such a idiot.

"Really ?" He smiled "twin al" he cut me off before i could finish "yep thats me " he chuckled to himself.

Beep my phone magically went off i check the screen
Mum : i cant makee it soph see you next week yeah

My mum canceled ....and i am sat next to a lead singer ........time to have some fun i think .

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