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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated in a while :( I've been busy, with school in everything... Just wanted to let you know here :)

~~Christine's POV~~

"Lots of what, Harry?" I was concerned.

Harry froze. "Um, nothing, Christine. I promise."

"Bull shit."

"No, seriously."

I sighed. What to do? Ugh. Harry doesn't tell me anything.

Harry walks into the bedroom and sits on the bed. I looked down at my feet.

"You don't really tell me anything, Harry. It concerns me." I tell him, hoping he will understand.

Harry looks over to me. "I don't want to stress you out..." He lets out a big sigh.

"It stresses me out more when you don't tell me anything."

"I'm sorry..."

"It's fine, Harry. Just tell me whatever is wrong so I can help you, okay?"

Harry nods. I quickly turn to him, and his eyes met mine. Damn it.

~~Harry's POV~~

I starred into her blue eyes and thought for a moment. Damn, her eyes are as blue as the ocean... She has the most gorgeous eyes I have ever seen.

Blue looks really good on her, for an eye color, that is. I don't want to tell her anything that'll stress her out though. With the blood thing..

"Does the bandage need to be changed?" Christine asks me.

I hesitated. "Uh, no." I lied.

"Liar, let me change it. If I don't change it Mr. Styles, it won't heal properly."

Fuck. She's getting good at knowing when I lie or not.

"Okay, fine.." I gave up.

Christine takes my hand and we walk to the washroom. She unwraps the bandage and gasps.

"Harry!" She cries. "What is with all the blood?!"

I sighed. "I'm sorry, like I said..."

Christine starts to cry. "Why didn't you tell me..?"

~~Christine's POV~~

"I didn't want to stress you out." He says, frowning.

"I might as well clean the wouds while I change the bandage."

Harry froze. "It'll sting though..."

"Aww poor muffin." I said sarcastically.

Harry takes a deep breath when I wet the cloth in my hand.

It's gonna hurt him... I know it will... I say to myself.

I sighed a little. "It's going to sting a little, okay?" I tell Harry, making sure he knows.

"Okay.." Harry nods.

I gently put the cloth on the stab marks on Harry's waist, and Harry tighly grabs onto my arms.

"Harry, let go of my arms, please." I panicked.

Harry took deep breaths in and out several times. "It hurts..!"

"And you're hurting me, so let me go!" I quickly rose my voice and Harry let my arms go, as I take the cloth away from him.

My muscles became sore after a while. I looked at my arms to make sure there wasn't bruises from Harry.

Thank goodness. Nothing. At least, not yet...

"Christine, I'm sorry..." Harry apologizes.

"I'll be fine, Harry. Don't worry about me."

"I can worry about you if I want to. It's not fair that only you can worry about me."

"Heheh, you're funny." I say, with a straight face and with the sound of sarcasm in my voice.



"Can I please check the time on your phone? The clock in here is wrong and my phone is dead. Please?" I ask politely.

"Sure, it's on your bed." Harry nods, and points where his phone would be.

"Thanks." I say, as I walk towards his phone.

I pick up his phone and pressed the home button. He has a text message. From... Magen?

From Magen,
Hey hot stuff ;) xx

I got angry. I swiped Harry's phone and luckily, he didn't have a password.

I knew it was wrong to read his messages, but, I was curious on what they text about.

After a while, I couldn't read anymore texts. I dropped his phone and covered my mouth.

I then straightened out and walked to the washroom, like nothing happened.

"Does it take 5 minutes to check the time?" Harry says.

I flinched. "What? Oh, no. I had to check something as well. No big deal."

He had lied to me. He lied about everything. The love emotions we had were just pretend, and fake.

He was interested in my best friend. She lied to me too. Time to get things straight when I can't hold in my anger anymore.

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