The advice

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The next day I had one of my friends over...
Actually my only friend... Annalise over I told her about what happens she said "well that's a big step for you" because she had known about my shyness. Me and her didn't like Brooke we think that since everyone thinks that she has a halo over her head to us it looks like devil horns.


Even till today I still feel bad for that girl, I decided to talk to Brooke about it but not tonight. So I called Calum over. He was always good with this kind of thing. So when Calum came over I asked him what I should say he said "you have to tell her that you will have other friends" and it was then that I Realized that Calum was a girl but not really more like his personality...


So I was just getting off of work when my friend Michael called he said he needed some advice so I rushed over there and wanted to help him. He said something about a girl. So I told him that you will have other friends than her and maybe you should go for the other girl and he said "I don't think so" I was kind of let down by his answer.

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