I was on FaceTime with my friend with benefits jaxon he was telling me how he missed my lips like ur taking it to far then I heard tee scream I went in to see chris fucking that girl Amber tee was pissed she ran over there and started punching Amber and chris kae was just sitting on the floor crying I was on my phone showing Jaxon wats going on then aug came down half naked with Brittany behind him with tinashe favorite cover wrapped around her nude body that's wat fed her up

"Oh August u fucking a ugly duckling in my bed o hell nah I'm bout to beat all yall asses" tee said running over there fighting that's wat made everyone fight

"Umm jaxon I'm coming over ur house k" I said stepping out that hell hole

"Sure we can go some where wear some with shorts" he said and ended the call

Then I forgot that I didn't have my car "sighs" here I go I started walking home u thought i was going back in there nope I don't need no scratches I love them but no

I finally made it to my house and opened the door met by my dog princess I died her hair pink tee did the same to her puppy but hers is colorful I picked princess up and walked pass my older 18 yr old bro beez (Bugatti beez)

" Where's mom at" I said making my way up the stairs

"She went out with ramen" he said with his eyes still glued to the tv uh I hate ramen he always stare at me the wrong way and walk in my room without nocking and he always calls me beautiful like ok I know that

I took a quick shower and put my outfit on ( in mm)

I went down stairs to ask beezy weezy can he drop me off since my car is in the shop but of course I had to beg him until he said yes I gave princess a kiss and left in my beezy Lamborghini

~skips. Car. Ride~

We pulled up in j drive way I gave my brother a kiss on the cheek and got out and watched him speed down the street I took a deep breath and knocked on his door he opened the door and smiled while picking me up and spinning me around he put me down and I pecked lips and he deepened it one thing lead to another just to let u know we never went to the place we were suppose to go.
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