T H I R T E E N.

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The sound of birds chirping made me wake up. I could feel the softness of my bare skin brushing with the silk of my eiderdown, my eyes met the sun rays coming through the gap of the curtains. I yawned in exhaustion and then I rubbed my eyes. Little stars appeared in my sight and then I remembered last night. Matt was now in my thoughts and it brought a huge smile on my face. I stretched my arms and moaned, I didn't want to get up. The bed was begging me not to but then I remember I was going to see him today for brunch. Which was a happy thing for me. I decided to stay for a few seconds wrapped up in my bed and then I heard my phone buzzing, so I extended my arm to reach out for it and the screen was noticing me I was receiving a call from him. So I didn't hesitate to answer.

"Um, hello?" My voice was raspy and a little bit crooked. So I cleared my throat and waited for his reply.

"Good morning, you going to brunch today with me?"

"Of course." I chuckled, rubbing my eyes again. My voice was still raspy.

"Can't wait to see you." He giggled.

"Yeah me too." I blushed and smiled, reaching my eyes.

"Great. Get ready and I'll see you in an hour."

"Sure," I paused. "Thanks for calling."

"Anything for you." He hung up and then I got out of the bed and rushed to get a shower. I opened the bathroom door and tripped on the blue fluffy mat, I giggled to myself and then saw my reflection in the mirror. My dark circles were more prominent today and it made me groaned due to the dark color on them. It was almost impossible for me to wake up without them or even get to cover them with make up. But I was used to it, though it made me feel a bit insecure about my self. But it was something I've lived with for my whole life. So I headed to the shower and let the warm water run through my skin. Showers were a good time to think and pretend you were a famous superstar. Today, I was a superstar. I sang 'Feel Again' by OneRepublic and made up dance moves as I went along with the song. I was so funny.

''Lily, Matt is downstairs.'' My mom spoke, as she knocked gently on the door. I finished fixing my hair into a ponytail and opened the door, she was still there.

''Thanks,'' I sighed. ''You met him already?''

''We've just shared two words, but he seems nice.'' She said, with her arms crossed, leaning her body on the door frame.

''He is,'' I winked at her, walking out of the room. ''See you later, okay?'' She nodded and I went downstairs, leaving a kiss on her temple. As I placed foot on the last step, he was in the living room examining the different kinds of family pictures. Some were embarrassing, but I didn't mind that he'd seen them. It was part of getting attached to someone right? Getting them to know every embarrassing or great detail about your life. ''Lurking?'' He turned around to face me, grinning ear to ear. He looked so beautiful.

''You were such a cute baby.'' He walked closer to me, hands in his pocket.

''I'm still cute.'' I said, joking. He chuckled and then wrapped me in one of his hugs that I loved so much. Somehow he was always warm, never cold. I never understood why. His hugs were always welcoming and comfortable.

''Yes you are,'' He kissed my head and then pulled me apart. ''Now we should get going.''

''Sure.'' He grabbed my hand, taking me by surprise. My jaw gently dropped, but gladly he didn't saw. He closed the door, yet not letting go off my hand, until we got to the car and he opened the door for me, waiting for me to be seated to shut it. He ran toward the driver's seat and in a matter of seconds, started the car.

''Are you nervous?''

''Why should I be?'' I was freaking nervous. There's no word close to describe how nervous I was. But of course, I wasn't going to let him know that, because boys hate that. Or love. I don't know. The thing is, I wasn't going to let him know he was already in, I was in the palm of his hand already and it made me feel like such a fool for feeling that way.

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