Chapter eight- 6 years from then!!

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6 years since Briganna died in the tragic accident! It's our birthday and we are now 21. Well i am anyway,Briganna is still 15 ad it feels weird because now i'm 6 years older than my twin. The past birthdays and christmas' have been really hard for us. Eventually though we've managed to pull through.

Mum and dad have made me have a water party! !um and Mimi made a birthday cake with a picture of me and Briganna when we were half this age. They've done that ever since we reached 2,i ised to care but not so much anymore.

I just finished setting up the boats when mum called us for a selfie stick photo. So i grabbed my cushion of Briganna,whilst dad hugged mums waist and Luke kissed Mimi on the lips. After about fifty selfies of weirdness,guests started arriving. So me and dad got them set up and we went off. Now i'm 21 i decided to just go for a ride in our boat,dad driving of course. Megan,Rhiannon,Beattry,Lexi and me all rode off in the speed boat.

Here the sun shines bright so i wore my red bikini,underneath my white and pink summerdress. I accesorised my look with a pair of pink,wedge shoes and some hoop earrings. Everyone wore dresses and bikinis as we were going swimming in the crystal,blue ocean. Dad had prepared some seats and mum and Mimi had set out champagne and glasses in the back. Along with some fresh fruit and ice.

"Hey babe,i've missed you so much when i was away!" Said Megan.

"I missed you too baby!" I replied." Rhiannon,Beattry thankyou so much for coming today!"

"Happy birthday sweetie,here you go it's a pandora ring because i know your obsessed!" Smiled Beattry.

"Happy birthday hun!" Rhiannon smiled back.

"Thankyou so much,were just waiting for Lexi now!"

"Hey guys are you ready to parttyy?" As you guessed Lexi arrived.

"Lets get in the boat now" i quickly said. When we were in i poured us all some champagne and played a load of pop songs. We were dancing and then we jumped into the middle of the ocean. It was warmer than i thought!

"Have you guys had a good time?" Mum asked.

"Yep!" We all laughed and started tucking into hotdogs from the barbecque. When they left i went to take a shower to wash off the ocean water.

When i was finished i got into my Pj's and put my hair into a tight bun,i then removed my makeup and plugged my phone onto charge. It's still the same blackberry and in perfect condition, im continuously chattibg to my friends!

A text message from Lexi:

Hey girl, thankyou for the party!!

Lysm, Lexi xxx

My reply:

Hey! Glad you did babe!! ;)

Lysm2, Abi. Xxx

Authors notice:

Hey guys i left this next chapter on a bit of a cliffhanger! Enjoy.

Charlotte ♥

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