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"Run. Jesse. Run!"
"I'm tired!"
"We are almost there!" Kyle said. We're running away from the school as fast as we can. We can hear the teachers yelling. I was carrying Kelly she was bleeding bad my shirt and her clothes were stained red. We finally get to my house I tell Kyle to wipe off the counter so I can lay her down. I call my mom at work and say,"Come home right now I need your help?"
"I'm coming home right now!" She hangs up. Kyle asks,"Why are you calling your mom?"
"Because she is a doctor she'll know what to do!" I hear my Mom's truck pull up and hear her get out and come into the house. She sees Kelly and asks,"What happened to her!?"
"Long story. No time. Help!" Immediately my mom is running into her room to get the heavy duty first-aid kit out of her closet and she takes it out and sits it next to Kelly. While she's setting up an IV bag she asks,"I need to know what happened to her!"
"She hit a brick that sticks out of the wall and she hit her head on it and we ran here! Just help her!"
"Ok. Ok. This is all I can do for her now we need to call her parents. What is there phone number?"
"That's a great question!"
Kyle says,"Check her phone." With a smile that says 'I'm smart' and really he was. We checked her phone and wouldn't you know it didn't have a lock on it we found her parents, and called them.

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