Chapter 3

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It's morning and the sun is shinning through my window...fuuuuck I wanted to sleep in I got up and got dressed, wearing a black pierce the veil shirt and dark blue skinny jeans with a chain. I had to brush my hair because if I didn't is look more like a distressed stay at home mom with a bad hair cut than a guy.

-smelling the air- oh, my mom was making something it smells great but if I know my mom her food usually smells great but turns into a disaster. So I head downstair to see a random women and girl in my kitchen talking with my mom. The older women had short brown hair bobbed cut, brown eyes, tall and thin. The other girl had black hair shoulders length her hair flipped and hazel more on the brown side eyes, yea I like this one let's keep her she's cute...

"Uhh morning..." I said hesitantly "morning these are our neighbors Cassy and Sam." Hehe I defiantly like those names. "Ooh mikey we are so glad to have you two as neighbors we should all go to bingo together!!!" Cassy started to pinch my cheeks and a to was getting annoying. Sam still hadn't said a word, she had on headphones blasting I could hear her music from the other side of the room it sounded like...welcome to the black parade by my chemical romance!!!!....well this just got interesting

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