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Chapter 5


"What are you watching?" I asked Liam as I wandered out of our bedroom.  He'd been up and out before I woke up and was sitting cross legged on the couch with a big bowl of cereal in his lap.  "Wait is that My Little Po..."

"Shut up!" He yelled as he quickly used the remote to turn off Netflix. 

"Liam, don't say shut up, it's rude," Brett called from the kitchen.  He wandered out in boxers with his own bowl of cereal in hand.  Cereal was the typical breakfast when I slept in, no one else seemed to take any initiative in cooking a good breakfast.

Liam put his bowl on the coffee table and crossed his arms over his chest defensively, he looked like he was about to cry so I walked over.  "I'm sorry," he snuffled.

"It's okay, baby," I said softly.  I sat down next to him and pulled him into my lap.  "Rarity was always my favourite, with that awesome purple mane," I whispered, "and big blue eyes just like yours."

"I wasn't really watching it, I was just clicking around and I saw it and I wanted to see if I still liked it."

"Do you?"  

He shrugged his shoulders and leaned his head back on my shoulder.

"What are we doing today?  It's Saturday, you dont have to work right?  Can we go up to the ranch and see Harry?"

"No Liam, remember, I told you.  I have to go help Jerry move.  You're hanging with Brett and Aiden today."

"Nah," Brett called over from the kitchen table.  "I got called into work, the garage's behind so they have a bunch of us working this morning.  Just until like 3:00 though."

"I have a date!" Aiden called from the open door of his bedroom.  "But not until lunch so we can do something for the morning Leelee."

"Who do you have a date with?" I scoffed. 

"I'm not saying, I don't want to jinx anything, we're just meeting for lunch."

"Tell us!" Brett yelled.  "Bro's before hoe's, dude!"

"Still sleeping," Aiden called back with a tired voice that sounded pretty fake.

"He deserves an attack," Liam whispered to me.

"Tickle attack?" I asked in a hushed tone.

"Yup!"  We got up and grabbed Brett on the way.  "Tickle attack," Liam said softly and Brett's eyes lit up. 

"One, two, three"

"ARRRGHHHHH!"  We all started screaming like banshees and went storming into Aiden's room, jumping on him and assaulting and assailing him with everything we had.

"Who is it? Tell us!"  We each yelled over and over until he was bright red and thrashing around on his bed.

"Fuck off guys, leave me alone," he whined, but we didn't give up.

"Okay, okay, stop!  I have a date with Tonya.  She came into town for a few days to visit her mother and we made plans to have lunch, it's no big deal, just relax."

"Tonya!  Is she bringing Harry?" Liam squealed.

"No, silly.  She's not bringing a baby pig with her to the city," Aiden replied.  "But I'm sure she'll bring lots of pictures on her phone.  Maybe I can convince her to come hang out with us while she's here, but the lunch date is just the two of us, I don't need you guys honing in and ruining my classic art of seduction."

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