The MeetUp //5sos

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Finally the best day of my life had come! '5 seconds of summer' , the best band in the world , had finally come to South Africa and their concert was tonight in Durban!

I had to wake up extremely early this morning to catch a plane. Now just to buy the cutest outfit! I called my friend, Sofia, who had also come to Durban for the concert. She was not staying too far from me so I figured we could go shopping together. "Sure! I will be at your place in about ten minutes!", she said trying not to get too excited about tonight .

We immediately left after she arrived. We walked into a huge mall first in Westville. I'm sure it was called ' The Pavilion' . we searched continuously and found a number of adorable outfits and accessories . We chose the best ones. We decided that we would continue searching for the PERFECT outfit. We went to multiple malls all over. We were eventually left with three outfits each and many accessories.

I had decided that my outfit would be a black tank top with white writing saying 'YOU COMPLETE MEss' , black ripped skinny jeans and black vans. For accessories I had a silver chain with a 5sos charm , diamond earrings , a 5sos bracelet and a few detailed rings.

Sofia had decided to wear a black sweater and jeans with black pumps . Her accessories included silver loop earrings and a plain silver ring on her middle finger. We then did simple make-up on ourselves and made posters.

It was now nearly time for the concert . We had just arrived and there were hundreds and thousands of people coming in behind us. Luckily we got front row seats.

As the four Aussies walked onto the stage everyone gave a loud scream . They sang a few songs and seeing them right in front of me made me cry. After 3 songs they stopped and Luke Hemmings stared right at me. He announced to the audience that he really admired my poster. When he said this , tears uncontrollably poured out of my eyes. He asked if I was okay. "No...No I'm not." , I said as I continued to cry. "What's wrong?", Calum Hood asked with a caring look in his eyes . "I love you guys soich!", I replied. "Awww! We love you too", Michael Clifford replied. "We love all of you tons!", Ashton Irwin added.

I continued to cry as they continued singing and playing . After most of their songs were finished Ashton asked my name. I told it to him and then Luke said the words I never thought I would hear. He said ,  "would you like to come backstage and meet the four of us? Maybe take a few pictures... Ask a few questions?" . "YES YES YES ! " , I cried . "can my friend Sofia come with?". "Of course she can!" , Calum replied.

At this moment Sofia and I couldn't wait for the show to be over and we could not stop crying and jumping up and down. When the show ended we were led backstage . Calum, Ashton, Michael and Luke were standing waiting for soon as I saw them I started crying! We sat for about one hour talking and laughing.

Afterwards Luke said that we could all exchange phone numbers if we promised not to share them with anyone. The next morning we received a phone call on my phone from the boys asking if we wanted to hang out. Of course we said yes!

Was this the beginning of a brand new friendship?

I don't know! But I sure was loving it!. . .


(Much love for the four Aussies. Wish I could meet them but not many people in my country know about them therefore they may never come here because the demand is not big enough. Will never stop loving and supporting them. I was there from the start and ill be there till the end ! Xoxo)

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