Hey everyone I just wanted to say thanks for all your support and actually reading my book. I might not be the best author but pretty much every book I write is based on a true story or inspired by one. I wanted to say extra thanks to sanuro because she helped alot with ideas for my book. And sorry I haven't been publishing more chapters I've been really busy but now I'm home for a few weeks and now I can write much longer. I love you all. Enjoy the rest of the chapters I make and the story's I make. THANKS AGAIN!

I also wanted to say I love being able to write stories for you guys and I have so much fun writing. Writing is my life and you guys made it even better by reading my books. So if you keep reading I will keep making more. THANKS!!

There is another thing I wanted to say a few of you guys have private messaged me and well I'm sad that you hate my book. But then I don't care what you think that much I write books off of what inspires me and what I like or love.  I also love writing because it gets my mind of reality and I just zone into the book I'm writing and I love to see what I wrote.

I'm sorry if you read my books and there are some misspelled words I really don't catch all them when I write. Thx for reading I'll get more chapters out as fast as I can. Love you all!!

Hey everyone my next chapter is gonna come out before the end of this week I promise. I have not been myself lately. So sorry,about not having another chapter out yet. And yes this Saturday is Valentine's so I discussed with my other fellow writers if we should a sense for it and so now we are haha. It will be like a little special addition for you all. Again thx for reading I will get more chapters out this week. Fun reading!!!

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