Platform 9 3/4

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My name is Emily Ashford and I am a witch in my first year at Hogwarts and today is September first. I am really excited, I went to get all of my school supplies last week and I saw Harry Potter.

"Emily come downstairs for breakfast." My mom yelled up to me.

"Coming!" I yelled back down getting out of my bed and sliding down the sleek wood banister and jumping off at the end, green hair flowing behind me which I quickly change back to my natural golden hair with perfect curls.

As I walk through the kitchen doors our house elf, named Juniper, was finished making breakfast and was now cleaning up said, "Miss Emily your breakfast is on the dinning room table."

"Thanks Juniper!" I replied happily.

I walked over to the Dinning room table and my breakfast which was a bagel with Nutella, I don't really like to eat that much. I quickly ate my breakfast then ran back upstairs to get changed for the train to Hogwarts. I pick out a pair of my favorite skinny jeans, a black tank top, and a black hoodie, and my new black riding boots, I like to wear black but I think that's my only favorite dark color. I change my hair to a reddish blonde and put it in a quick ponytail with a diamond headband.

"Emily hurry up or we will be late!" My mother yelled up to me, worried, because we still needed to apperate to the platform because we live in America. I know you are most likely wondering how on earth did they accept an American to Hogwarts. Well, to answer your question, my mother has some connections.

I run down the stairs and quickly grab my mothers arm. Juniper has already apperated with all of my things.


We have just arrived at the platform and, as usual, I don't know anyone here. I give my mom and Juniper a hug, and after I promise to write to both of them, a boy named Dean Thomas helps me get my trunk on the train along with my owl named Zöe. When he asked my name and I replied, he looked like there was something he couldn't quiet figure put but he looked like he gave it up and asked "Do you want to meet some of my friends?"

"Sure." I replied, "I could use some friends."

"Well follow me." said Dean.

When we came to the compartment that Dean shared with his friends, I could tell at once that it would be hard to fit in. Dean introduced me to his friends; Seamus Finnigan, Neville Longbottom and a few others.

We talked for a while well they talked and I mostly listened. Soon the topic changed to where everyone was from and their blood statues.

"I am a pureblood American." I announced.

"American?" repeated Seamus, confused, "I thought only British and Irish people could go to Hogwarts!"

"Well my mom wanted me to get a good education, I was going to another one in the North but my mom wanted me a bit closer to home, and she said she would want me in the cold even though I don't mind it. She hates cold weather and likes it to be hot and sunny, that's why we live in California." I explained.

I got looks that plainly said I was crazy, so I politely excused myself and went to look for a compartment with someone I could relate to. I went from compartment to compartment but everywhere seemed full. I finally decided to go back to my original one when I bumped into someone and fell on the floor.

"Oh I'm so sorry, my name is Fred Weasley. I hope you aren't hurt" said the boy, helping me up.

"No, I'm ok, my name is Emily Ashford." I said.

"You aren't from around here are you?" Fred noticed.

"No, I'm not, how did you know?" I asked.

"I could tell by your accent. It sounds different than everyone else's here." Fred replied.

"Yep, I am the only person from America here and it is very weird." I confessed.

"Well do you want to meet my brother?" asked Fred, "We are coming up with ways to prank people."

"Sure, I always love a good prank!" I replied excitedly.

I followed Fred back to his compartment and meet his twin brother, George. They looked so alike that I kept confusing them for each other. The whole way there, they made me laugh like I have never laughed before and we also devised pranks that we were going to set all throughout the year. So, besides the first part of the train ride, I have to say it was quite fun.

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