About twenty minutes later, I heard a low knock on the door.  I knew instantly it was Kyro again without even looking.  I hesitantly stood up, opening the door slowly as I let him back in to the room. 

"Bad news."  

"What?" I questioned, raising my eyebrows. 

"The car's engine is not working right now.  I've sent for my men to fetch another car for us but it won't be here until tomorrow so we're spending the night again here."

"¿Por qué? ¿Por qué? ¿Por qué? ¿Por qué?" (Why? Why? Why? Why?) I questioned out loud raising my arms up.  "¿Por qué tengo tanta mala suerte? Yo era una monja en mi última vida. Maldición." (Why do I have such bad luck? I was a nun in my last life. Damn it.)

Kyro stood by the wall watching me with an intrigued expression. "You speak Spanish?"

"Yes," I whispered, sitting down on the bed covering my face with my hands, the cast on my right arm hitting me in the face slightly.  "My mother taught me.  Apparently my Grandparents are from Argentina but now I'm not sure if anything she has told me is actually true."

Kyro did not know what to say as he watched me silently, his brown eyes able to mask his emotions. Apart of me wished I could understand what he was feeling.

"Kyro can I ask you a question," I whispered quietly wiping my palms on the denim shorts I was wearing suddenly feeling extremely vulnerable.  After Kyro left, I had been thinking deeply about what he had told me.  

"Let's say I do eventually give you a chance.  How would I know that you would not hurt me in the future? I'm not the prettiest girl and I'm definitely not the easiest to get along with either nor am I perfect. Every single man I've been with has said the same thing as you and where are they now?"

Kyro's hands clenched tightly at his sides, the veins popping making him look slightly intimidating. He took a step forward as I continued rambling on, his brown eyes staring straight in to my soul. 

"I'm concerned that you only like me because of this supposed bond.  If you really want to be with me, I want you to like the real me, not something that forces you to like me.  Also I'm worried, I don't feel the same emotions to the extent that you do.  Like you're hot obviously and I'm over here looking like a potato."

Kyro was now in front of me as he bent down on to one knee, grabbing my chin softly with the tips of his fingers.  The way he looked at me was the way that I looked at my pizza which made my heart race and stomach feel like it was flipping. 

"Fuck all those men that have hurt you.  If I could find them, I would rip them apart for hurting you," he whispered so much emotion lacing his tone. 

"I mean I could give you their names and addresses," I chuckled jokingly as a hint of a smile went on Kyro's face.  God he was so handsome. 

"Eira I can promise you from the bottom of my heart that everything I've told you is true.  I want you with all my being.  We may have just met but the minute you looked at me, I knew you would be my the most precious thing in my life.  Eira I would let myself die in order for you to live.  I know the mate bond worries you but think of it like this.  We were born for each other.  You are my perfect half."

Kyro's hand moved to cup my one cheek as a single tear fell out of my eyes unconsciously.  "You may not love me yet but if you give me a chance, one day you will," he whispered. 


"Stop what?" Kyro asked lowly, confusion lacing his features. 

"Don't make me ugly cry.  You know for an old guy, you're pretty smooth. I'm kind of jealous right now?" I managed to grumble out, pouting slightly. 

"What?" Kyro inquired again bewildered, not moving an inch away from me.  He's probably over here thinking this bitch is loco or something.  I thought to myself.

"If I had your looks, I'd be out there swooning people left and right.  I'd have the famous people falling over me and I'd be dating models and yet here you are confessing to a nobody who has some serious family issues.  You can do so much better than me."

"Eira to me you are the most beautiful person.  Words can not do you justice."

"How do I know you won't cheat on me?  What about Aiyana? What about if you accidently sleep with someone again?  I don't know if I could forgive you if you hurt me like that."

"Trust me. I can't look at another women the same since you walked in to my life."

"What about if I hurt you though?"

"I'll still love you no matter what."

"You said that word."

"What word?"

"The word," I hissed out.  "The L word."

"Love?" Kyro questioned. 

"Yes," I explained.  "That's a word you don't just say to anyone."

"I know.  That word is reserved just for you," Kyro answered, giving me the most honest smile. 

"And Cheyenne too," I pointed out.  "I actually adore her already and I don't know why."

"It's the motherly instincts in you.  Your mind and soul must have recognized that she is apart of me and so you feel protective towards her.  I'm sorry though."

"Sorry for what?"

"That I had a child by accident.  That I did not wait for you."

"Kyro never apologize for that.  That child is a blessing.  She may not be mine but family is not always about being related by blood.  Will you ever tell her someday though?"

"Probably not.  If I tell her, it will put her life in danger.  Many people want me dead and they would use her against me."

I pulled away slightly from Kyro, my eyebrows frowning. 

"Kyro I have a secret I have to tell you."  My heart pounded nervously in my chest.  I felt like I was going to throw up everywhere. 

Kyro nodded beckoning me to continue. 

"I understand if this is a deal breaker for you.  It was for a lot of people but I'd rather I tell you then you find out later from someone else."

"Eira what is it?"

"I can't have a baby.  After my abortion, I found out from the doctor that my uterus will never be able to carry a child to full term.  It's a condition I was born with."

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