Chapter 5. Benny Bruce

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*Blue P.O.V.*

"OH! OH! AND SHE SCORES AGAIN!" I yell after I shoot the ball into the back of the nets. Sws, Ptv and I are playing a game of soccer. Same teams as Volley Ball and my team is whopping the others ass! 

A few other band members have been sitting down on the grass watching us play. Ben from Asking Alexandria is even watching but he's more watching me and it's making me blush. 

Ben and I used to be an item but we separated after Warped Tour last year. I did actually like him but I just wanted to try and get over Kellin. That's why we broke up.

We had a massive fight over it and ended it after that fight. I think he's still kinda pissed at me. Vic calls half time so I make my way over to Ben.

I sit down beside him. "Hey," I say nudging him with my knee softly. He looks at me. 

"Hey," he says quietly.

I sigh. "Ben look..after what happened between us. We never talked about that fight, we just broke up after it. Can we just dicuss it at least," I place my hand over his.

"I don't want to talk about it Zoe," he stands up to walk away. I stand up as well.

"Why not Ben! Please why can't we explain or selves and be friends!" 


Everyone stops and looks over at us.

I am beyond shocked.

"Wha-what?" my face goes white.

Ben cups the back of my neck and places his lips against mine. Before I could do anything he pulls away and walks off.

Vic and Mike are looking at me angrily. Oh shit. They never knew about Ben and I. Kellin looks upset and the others just looked shocked.

My eyes well up. I run back to the bus and slam the door. I lock myself in the bathroom and sit on the floor crying.

Someone knocks on the door. "Zoe?" It was Tony. 

I don't answer him.

"Zoe come on I know you're in there," he says.

"Go away Tony," I sniff.

"No.And if you don't open the door, I'll break the door down Zoe Isabelle Fuentes," he warnes.

I huff and open the door. "What?" I say sternly.

"Okay so Vic and Mike are totally pissed and Kellin is upset and now Danny can't find Ben so yeah we need your help to find him," he scratches his arm awkwardly.

"Are you fucking kidding me right now? I swear if the first place I go to and I find him I'll kill Danny," I shove past Tony and walk out. 

Tony grabs Danny and they follow me. I walk to the lake down a field and there's Ben sitting against a tree and pulling at some grass.

I roll my eyes. "Dip shits," I mutter and walk past them but Danny grabs me,

"No you go and get him. I'm afraid he'll yell at me," Danny pushes me towards me. I scoff and storm over to Ben.

"You're boyfriend was worried about you." I sit down. "Why did you run off?" I ask him.

"Well I didn't expect you to take me back because the guy you're madly in love with just happens to love you back and you should be with him not me," he says.

"Okay are you drunk....again?" I look for a bottle but there is no bottle.

 "No I'm not drunk Zoe. Kellin likes you. It's so obvious. And you like him too. That's why we broke up," he leans his head back against the tree.

Danny walks over slowly. "So....what's going on?" he asks.

I stand up. "I...I gotta go." I run back to the bus trying not to believe what Ben said to me.

Kellin likes me back? No it's a lie. He'd never like me back. 

I walk in and there's Vic and Mike standing there waiting for me.

"Don't give me any crap I'm not in the mood for yer shit right now," I go into my bunk and lie down. I grab my phone and through Twitter following a few people and tweeting.

I lay there for awhile before getting up. I look around and no ones in the bus. I sigh and go watch some TV. 

I wrap a blanket around me. I go on the music channels and put on Scuzz and of course Sleeping With Sirens are on. 

I don't bother changing the channel, I just watch the video. "I like your taste in music," a voice says. I look behind me and I see Kellin smiling at me.

"Hey," I say quietly. He comes over and sits down. "You okay?" He puts his arm around me.

"No," I shake my head. "I knew I should have told Vic and Mike and Ben and I but after we broke up, I couldn't talk about him," I sigh and look down. 

"Everything will be okay Bubble. I promise. Don't worry," he says.

"Thanks Kel..for everything. You're always there for me," I smile lightly at him. He smiles back.

"No problem. What are friends for?" 

No fucking way. Did he just friend zone me? Fuck nugget!


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