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Tris POV.

"Okay so why don't we just sit in a circle and do just a hour round of truths and truths only, since we are all friends here , kinda, we should be able to tell each other every think. The only rules there are is  that only I can opt out of a truth if zeke ask the question and zeke can opt out if I ask. Any questions asked by or to Four must be answered.  Got it?" This is idea I came up with. Me and Zeke can opt out of each others questions because we don't really know each other but Toby can't get that option because he's the reasons we're doing this.

"Okay" Tobias says

"Cool" Says Zeke

We get in a little circle.

"I'll go first, Four, what is your real name?" Zeke says

"Tobais" Toby answers "Sometimes Bea calls me Toby though,  you call me that and I'll bash in your face."

I giggle at his follow up.

Now it's Tobias's turn.

"Bea, did you eat my dauntless cake last week?" He ask with a completely serious face.

"Yes, what you gonna do about it." I ask with a smirk on my face.

"Zeke, the first thing you will learn about us is that weird is normal" Toby replies.  He then proceeds to get up and tackle me!

"Toby! Stop!" I laugh uncontrollably.  He's tickling me!

" Hey Zeke!  Come help me!" Toby yells.

Next thing I know I feel another pair of hand tickling me.

"Guys! Stop! Please!" I cry out in laughter.

I feel the hands leave my body and I struggle to catch my breath.

"Ok." I finally get out. "Zeke, are you okay with me being Toby's now co-best friend? "

"Yeah, it's cool. I was upset that he didn't tell me but I see you two have a special bond. Which brings me to my question, to both of you, do you two like each other in a romantic type way?" Zeke then plops on his stomach and puts his chin in the palm of his hands and sways his feet in the air.

Me and Toby basically choke on air.

"I opt out" I say

"But Four can't" Zeke says looking at him.

I look at him as well.

"Well...I...um..." Toby looks around trying to avoid the question.

" Toby? "

Toby takes a deep breath. "Bea...I...I do like you... in that way."

I just stare at him. I was not expecting that.

"You know what. I didn't mean for actual feelings to come out, just forget I said anything. " Zeke says

"No. It's okay. It needed to be said eventually. I just thought when it's did come out I'd get some type of response. I'm just going to go." Toby says. He gets up and basically runs to the door.

"Toby wait!" But it's to late. He gone.


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