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"Shut up" I muttered while snatching my phone from my nightstand and clicking snooze to put the continous beeps to a stop.

It was Sunday, meaning I had to wake up at 6:40 A.M. to be on time for church. Besides rising extremely early compared to the normal time I got to sleep in, I enjoyed going to church. It was just something about the great quietness that filled the large, chilly area, the small groups of people so seemingly quiet and at peace or simply the safe, secure feeling that washed over me each time I entered. But today, I wasn't looking forward to any of this at all. My mind was focused on the deed I'd be forced to do.

I yanked the covers back over my head; struggling to fall back asleep. Hopefully mom would oversleep just this once and save me the dread of walking down a fairly long aisle with more than a handful of people staring at me.

Unfortunately, I didn't get too lucky.

At around 7:00, mom peeked her head in the door, her tired eyes smiling at me.

"Come on Del. It's only once a month that you need to be in front of a small crowd!"

"Please, mom" I begged, my head remaining under the thick, comfy blanket.

"Come on, sweetheart. You don't want to miss this service- I heard Gregory is moving this week and is being replaced by someone else around your age."

I frowned, disappointment filling me. Gregory and Christina were truthfully my only friends- we brought up the communion, wine and collection money to the priest. I eventually got to know them pretty well and they ended up being super close to me. Greg was a massive dork owning a passion for Earth Science and Algebra, but he was the sweetest guy friend anyone could ever have. I would miss him.

Christina was well known for her great sarcasm. She was a big tomboy- digging anything to do with skateboards, had around thirty snapbacks and sweatpants and hoodies were her life. She was basically your bodyguard when you got to know her really well. She had your back at anytime and could crack you up when you were having a terrible day. I don't know what my life would be like if she never came into it.

"Who?" I asked curiously as I finally crawled out of bed.

"I beleive his name is Shawn. His last name starts with an 'M'... can't seem to remeber what it is. I'm sure he's a nice guy."

My eyes widened. I suddenly felt the urge to throw up.

Please don't be Shawn Mendes. PLEASE don't be Shawn Mendes.

If it's Shawn, my anxiety no doubt would worsen. Forget walking in front of a bunch of people, but walking in front of bunch of people next to your crush.

Could my life possibly become any worse?


I tugged at the collar of my shirt, observing my image in the mirror. I looked alright, I guess. I suddenly noticed my mom's reflection appear next to me in the wide, thickly bordered frame.

"You look absolutely handsome, honey" she said softly, kissing my cheek.

I gave her a small smile in return. I was too concentrated on the two girls that I'd be doing the gifts with this morning. I wasn't concerned if they were attractive or not- every girl is beautiful. It's just... would they be overly annoyed that I was replacing Greg? I mean I wouldn't blame them... Greg is probably much more interesting than me.

I nervously entered the church, looking at my surroundings. It was bigger with less people compared to my old one. After a few moments of glancing around, I noticed a sign in front of three chairs in the corner behind the pews.


Two of the chairs were already taken by two girls. One girl had a dark shade of hair, resembling more of a black than a dark brown which was wrapped in a low, uncircular bun. Her black dress pants were the type that flared just slightly and her top was a completely plain, white and long sleeved. To add a bit of dressiness, a silver necklace with a locket shaped in a heart dangled each time she moved. Her shoes were plain as well; flats that were simple and a silver color matching the chain around her neck.

My eyes moved to the other girl, who looked quite familiar- well from afar. Her hair was a natural, tangerine shade. It's length was so long it wrapped around twice to become a perfectly neat bun on top of her head. Her outfit was casual yet adorable on her. Her dresspants clinged to ankles, leading down to a pair of laced, black flats. Her top was white, covered in a thick, gray cardigan that stopped at her waist. Her necklace was made of big, black and shiny beads ending just below her chest. She was beautiful.

As I came closer, my heart began beating faster and faster with each step. She turned to look at me, her face quickly turning pale. I looked in her big, gorgeous eyes- trying to get words to flow from my mouth. I could only get out two, which whispered.

"Hello, Delia."


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