Lunch Drama

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   I sat with Lucy and Tom to lunch and who did I see staring at me. That's right the bitch and her clique Mary Kate. She was watching me and Tom so I walked up, sat in his lap and kissed him on the lip to mark my territory. Sigh being beautiful is a lot of work and a lot of popularity. I went back to my seat and gave Lucy a high five because she too saw what happened between me and her. I ate my sandwich and salad and got my books for the last two periods. Me and Lucy talked for the rest of school and went home to my house together. Once we were home, she screamed at the excitement that happened and how I made Mary jealous. Well that's her problem if she wants to mess with a boss like me. So Lucy and I went to the mall bought some more items and I got a new phone. I got a new sim so I can talk to people who I like than those who I can't stand. I took of my makeup, picked out my clothes for tomorrow and I typed up my homework on my Macbook laptop. I Love my life, I thought it was perfect. I couldn't wait until homecoming in four days (Friday).

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