#4) A Long Days Work

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It was a long day at work and you couldn't wait to get home to Brooklyn, you parked your car in the driveway and walked up the path to your front door. You dropped your keys and purse on the kitchen counter and called out for Brooklyn, no reply, the door was unlocked you thought so he must be home, you walked towards the stairs and noticed that there was a trail of rose petals leading up to the bathroom, the door was half closed, you could here water running and a small smile came to your face, you pushed the door and saw that your bathroom was illuminated with candles. Brooklyn was standing beside the tub the only thing covering him was a towel hanging low on his waist, you immediately kicked off your heals and started taking your work clothes off, Brooklyn chuckled at you." Stop laughing at me," you said with a smirk on your face. You and Brooklyn climbed into the bath him sitting behind you and you sitting front, you say there in silence, it wasn't an awkward silence, it was peaceful, Brooklyn knew just what you needed after a long day at work.

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