I should be getting out of here soon. I mean here is nothing wrong with me, I hope. Just now I realize I am wearing a Hospital gown. I can feel its thin scratchy material rub on my skin each time I move. For a second I get scared. Who changed me? I wonder until I feel my jean cutoff shorts still on with my old cover up over my swim top. I would Love to be home right now curled up on the couch with a good book. All I can do is wish because until I am proven not guilty I am confined to this dreadful prison. I also would Love for some actual clothes, I can feel a chill setting in. Or maybe that is just the fear of what lies ahead.

         I hear a pair of sneakers squeak against the yellow tiled floor in my direction. I quickly sit up curious as to who is here. it is not the same nurse as before, she isn't even a nurse at all. A tall police woman stands by my bed or cot really holding what looks like a set of clothes. She shoves them towards me and says," Here, your family dropped these off for you normally we don't allow it but considering the circumstances." she pauses, " just go into that bathroom over there and change then I have to take you to a holding cell." I was a little shocked they brought me clothes, being that I apparently murdered someone. I thought they would believe the already starting rumors and call me a disgrace. " Thank you." I say quickly to be polite. If i am going to stay here I might as well behave and make a friend. I am finally relieved of that tiny cot and as I stand I stretch my long legs. 

         I move quickly to the bathroom. It was so small, I could barely stretch my arms all the way out to the side. I hurry to take off the irritating gown, and slip off my shorts. Thank goodness mom also gave me a new set of underwear and a bra. I hum silently to myself as I pull the t-shirt over my head and slip on the loose shorts she had given me. As I went to pick up the discarded clothes and gown, a peice of paper fell out of the pocket of my shorts. I bend down to pick it up and noticed it was my father's hand writing. I can tell by his beautiful cursive and the way he dots my name with a heart.

        Dear Katie,

We will most likely not see each other again for a long time. I am truly sorry this had happened, I wanted tot let you know we are going to hire the best lawyer for you. Don't you worry about us either. Mom and I don't believe it was on purpose, you could barely kill a fly. Your little brother Ben says he misses you already. Please take care sweat heart. We love you always remember that.

                                                                Hugs and Kisses, Dad

             As I read the last few words my eyes prick with tears. I fold the paper into a small square and shove it in my pocket. I bend down to pick up the clothes once again as I hear a knock at the door. " Are you alright in there? You need to hurry up!" I heard the officer say. I push my dark Brown hair away from my eyes and push the door open. I see the woman waiting with a plastic bag. I guess to put my old clothes in. I had already folded the clothing and pushed it into the bag. As I look up from this small task I  see her eyes glance at my hair, it probably is in tangles and looks like a bird made a nest in it. I didn't know if they would handcuff me again so I decided now would be a good time to re tie my hair.

        Once I was finished  I see a glint of metal flash and realized I was being handcuffed, just as I predicted.  " I am sorry, but it is protocol." I hear her whisper in my ear even though no on else was around except for some sleeping patients. Not all cops are bad I guess.

        We start to walk through the halls I only had seen two other people walk past us in the opposite direction. Both looked bored and tired, as if they had done this one too many times before. Maybe they did. I am very nervous. My hands are sweating and my legs feel wobbly. As if I might just fall down any moment. We had been walking for about three minute when we round one more corner and I see a row of six cells. Three with a yellow stripe, two with an orange and one with a red. I thought I would be in prison clothes meeting my new cell mate by now, not waiting to be transported. I didn't know there was more than one prison in my town.

        I turn around and face the woman. I also decided to check her name tag. it said Michelson, nice last name I thought. I sort of zoned out for a moment until I felt the cool heavy metal of the handcuffs lift off my wrists.

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