Scars prove that we lived

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Hey guys! I'm back. I will hopefully be able to write a good and fulfilling chapter! Sorry I've been gone, however it was something that I had to do. I don't want anything to be rushed and I want it all to flow correctly and paint the picture in your head that's is in mine. With out further ado,_______________________________________________________________________________ 

After school ended, I walked out to exactly where Luke had told me to meet him. Sure enough he was there too. He appeared tan, but maybe even a little sick.
"Hey, what was it that you needed me to see?" I asked.

"Hey Hunter, how was your day?"

"Pretty good, and yours?" I returned the favor.

"Good, but better now. So are you ready to go?"

"Yeah, so where exactly are we going Luke? "

"We are going to a grave yard." He said.

        "Not that I find that creepy, however I have to ask. Why the grave yard?"

        "Not many people go there."

I began to feel a little nervous. What was Luke needing to show me? I didn't fight or argue with him, I only continued following him with his hand grasping mine. Upon our arrival at the grave yard I became curious.
"Luke, what is going on? Are you okay? You look sick." I asked uselessly as I received no response.

        "Look, I know this has to be secretive but, would you mind explaining?"

        He turned to me and replied, "Hunter, I know we haven't been friends for very long, however you and I just seem to connect. I think that it might be better for us both if you see this now rather than later." He took off his shirt to reveal his washboard abs and tan complexion.

        "Woah, Luke why are you stripping? We're friends." I continued.

        "Hunter," he stopped me, "would you relax? I'm not stripping. I wanted to show you this."

        He turned around to reveal a scar that looked like a mountain lion attacked him. The scar stretched from his right shoulder down to the center of his back. It must have happened some time ago because it was completely healed. 

        "Oh my god, Luke, what happened? That is..." I couldn't continue.

        "I was attacked by a "wolf" when I was 15. Not many people stick around once they find out. I've had a few girlfriends who left me because of the damn thing. They think its gross and annoying. From time to time I will feel a stabbing pain in my back, or it randomly starts burning. If we ever become more than friends, I didn't want to scare you off after I fell for you. You're too special." 

        "Luke, I wouldn't hurt you like that. So what you have a little scar, scars show strength. They tell the story of our lives. Anyone who just disses you because of something you couldn't control wasn't worth it anyway." I said.  "Come on, lets go home and order some pizza. Your house or mine?"

        "Well, mine is bigger so..."

        "Your house it is." I said

        Luke grabbed his shirt and put it back on as we started back to the car. "Thank you Hunter."

        "For what? I didn't do anything."

        "You only reassured my thoughts of who you actually were." he said.

        "You're welcome then. Come on  lets go eat some pizza and watch some movies." 

        "Lets go." he said throwing his arm around me as we turned to walk back to the car. 

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