Alyssa's POV

His presence was making my wolf restless. All she wanted to do was touch him and I was not going to look desperate. I fought the urges to reach over and grab his hand from across the breakfast table. The eggs that he had made for me tasted absolutely disgusting but I wasn't going to say anything.

I gave him a cheesy smile. When I mean cheesy I mean cheesy. The scrambled eggs had been coated in cheese and I hadn't realized that it was now stuck in my teeth. He started to laugh. His laugh sounded powerful and masculine. Needless to say it was very attractive.

"Here let me help you with that." He said this while reaching and wiping the cheese off the sides of my mouth. The sparks from the touch made both of our wolves want more. Tyler's eyes never left mine, and I looked away.

"Alyssa?" I looked up quickly and he smiled and said, "no need to be shy."

"I'm not shy!!" He started to laugh and gave him a teasing glare.


After Breakfast he started loading the car. I hadn't had much time to catch up with my parents but I have a feeling that they won't stay complete strangers. I had nothing to pack since all my clothes were from when I was like 10. Tyler promised me we would go shopping the minute we got back to his house.

I gave my parents a hug each and they wiped their tears. "Mom it's okay you guys can visit whenever and we will visit every holiday so don't cry. Please." She gave me one last hug before I crawled into the passenger seat of the car.

Tyler started driving and I looked over at him. He was concentrating on the road and didn't notice me staring at him. He went to turn on music and finally noticed me. He gave me a cocky smirk and I blushed and looked away.

Apparently we were gonna take an airplane because it would be faster but Tyler said that he would rather drive me to keep me "safer". I don't know maybe he has a fear of heights or something.


The scenery was flying by in a blur of colors. It was quite beautiful and calming being in this environment. It had been a while since I've felt completely safe and not paranoid.

The one thing I already loved about Tyler was that he never read my thoughts. He was honorable and that earned my complete trust with him. I don't know what I would do if he was one of those mates that constantly pushed into your mind and commented on what you were thinking.

The car was slowing down and I realized we were stopping at a gas station. He got out of the car and was filling up the tank when I realized I needed to use the restroom. I got out quickly and headed inside.


I was heading out of the bathroom and was passing the counter when a voice stopped me. "Hey look babe, you need to buy something because you used my bathroom." I turned around disgusted at the cashier.

"Please don't call me that." I said politely.

"I can call you whatever I want because you haven't paid me back for the free bathroom pass." He argued. People came from the bathrooms and we're leaving without trouble so I just turned around and joined the crowd. That's when I was roughly slammed against an isle shelf.

The cashier leaned in close to me holding my arms. "I mean you don't have to buy anything you can just owe me a kiss." I glared at him and struggled back.

His hand was lowering and was about to touch my breasts when a low deep growl sounded throughout the room.

"I would get off of my wife before you regret ever even taking this job." Tyler's voice sounded dangerous and powerful. Wife? WIFE? The cashier laughed and didn't let me go.

"I thought this beauty was here alone but I guess it doesn't matter to me if she's married or not." I was rolling my eyes because he had it coming for him. Tyler grabbed him by his shoulders and slammed his fist into his gut making him puke all over the produce.

Tyler grabbed my arm and we headed back to the car. When the car started moving I worked up the courage to say something. "Wife?" He looked over and I could still see the anger in his eyes. "Yes Love, Wife."

I smiled and grabbed his hand, making sure I didn't disrupt his driving. He gave me a sexy smile and speeded down the highway faster than I've ever gone in my life.


We reached a hotel around midnight. It was the fanciest one he could find. I tried talking him out of buying the "honeymoon suite" because; 1. We weren't on our honeymoon and 2. We were only staying one night. He was determined to spend a lot of money I guess.

He inserted the card into the slot and the door opened leading us into the fanciest room I've ever had the pleasure seeing.

The bed was huge and had curtains around it creating a private space for us. Not only was the bed the size of my old bedroom, but  there was also a jacuzzi in the master bath. Tyler but his suitcase on the bed and was moving towards the bathroom. I figured he was going to shower so I just laid down on the bed waiting for my turn.

I was just closing my eyes when I felt his body jump onto mine. "Alyssa wake up." I opened my eyes to see him completely butt naked. I went to cover my eyes and he stopped me. "Come on there's a jacuzzi!" I gave him a what the heck face and said "I don't have a swimsuit."

He smirked and said, "it's okay neither do I." I blushed a deep red and shook my head. He gave me begging eyes and so I agreed to go in the jacuzzi as long as he looked away until I was in the tub. I don't know if he ended up looking, but knowing him I figured he didn't because he's an honest man.


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