Chapter 29

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Travis pov

I woke up to my hands and feet  chained up to a metal pole.

I don't even know how the hell I got here. All I remember is that I was about to get some from a bad ass bitch.

I was knocked out of my thoughts when I heard the door open.

Heals clicking on the stairs until they got to the bottom. Then I heard about two more coming down.

One of them hit a  switch to make the light come on. It was dim but I was still tryna see who it was.

"Remember us?" Then it hit me I know them voices from anywhere.

Then another light came on and there stood , Kee and Bree.

"Remember me ?" I heard somebody else say and then came in walking Anaya.


Anaya pov

I knew that Travis should be up by now because the drugs I gave him only lasted for a few hours.

I got the girls to come downstairs with me so they could see the look on his face.

We decided to do some shit off the movies , with the clicking heals and stuff like that.

I let Bree go in first and she was walking so hard making sure he could hear her shoes.

Next was Kee but I didn't let her wear heals because she was 8 months pregnant , so she just wore Jordan's.

I heard them say at the same time , "remember us."

That's when I walked in and hit the light so he could see better, then I walked in front of them and said "remember me?"

Travis just yelled out fuck and that's when we all bust out laughing.

"I betcha thought u was finna get some of this good good right here , huh?" Bree said.

I couldn't help but laugh because Bree is crazy and the way she said it really had me dying.

"Alright y'all , Bree take her back home , I'll take it from here."

"Gotcha girl , y'all have fun now." Bree said then Kee started laughing.

I watched how they left and then I turn my attention back to him and I began to talk.

"I bet you thought u was going to get away with doing wat u did , but u just as dumb as your dumb as uncle."

"Like if u knew me how u said u knew me , u would have known that that little stunt u pulled wasn't going to go down like how y'all planned on."

"Now I'm not going to kill you down here in Brooklyn and you go-

I was cut off by Travis. "I love u though"

So I kicked him in mouth.

"shut the fuck up."

"Talking about love , nigga if u loved me u wouldn't have got Jeff to take my mom or maybe cheat on me."

"Now like I was saying I'm taking your ass back to LA and ima let you rest in peace with your uncle in hell."

"Chris , Kevin, and Q come tie this nigga up so we can go."

They all did what I said as I went back to my house.

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