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~~~~~~Cassie's POV~~~~~

Me, Nicki and Mindless behaviour were in the living room watching sponge Bob. Don't judge. So anyway we were laughing and talking about random stuff until prodigy got a text.

Prod: ayo tyga's having a party today you guys wanna go?

( A/N: I'm tired of writing everybody all the time)

E/B: ight

Prod: great

Me: what time?

Prod: umm... it starts at nine and ends at four so that's eight hours

Me: ight

I went upstairs to pick out my outfit. (On the side.) I did my makeup. Black and purple eyeshadow, red lipstick, black eyeliner, fake eyelashes and mascara. I curled my hair then brushed it a little so it looked like loose waves. I put on fake nails that were clear with a purple flower with a gemstone inside and a little curly line with gemstones surrounding it.( only on the index fingers.) I went downstairs to see E/B ready and hearing " finally" and " thank goodness". I just rolled my eyes, not caring about my surroundings, and put on my black leather jacket, grabbed my keys and phone and walked to my black camaro.( if you don't know what that is search it up.) I honked the horn and everyone came out. Seating: Me drivers seat, Roc passenger seat, at the back Nicki, Prince and prod and Ray. Within 10 minutes we pulled into the driveway of tyga's house. Luckily we found a place to park because it was packed. We went in seeing people taking shots, eating, laughing and joking around, making out, smoking, dancing and singing. Tyga saw us and walked over. He kissed my hand and Nicki's making us blush and gave the boys a dap each.

Roc: wanna dance?

Me: HUH!



I danced with Roc then Hookah by Tyga ft Young Thug played and I started singing the lyrics while twerking on Roc. The song ended and Roc took me to the place where they were taking shots.


Me: ME!

Girl: WHY NOT!

???: Zonnique vs....

Me: Cassie

???: Cassie

Zonnique: can't wait to see you loose

Me: bring it

Me and Zonnique started taking as many shots we could and started to twerk. We kept going for more than an hour until Zonnique finally blacked out.

???: AND THE WINNER IS.......CASSIE!!!!!

E/B cheered for me then picked me up through the crowd.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Skips to the end of the party~~~~~~~~~~~~~

4:00 am

~~~~~~~~Cassie's POV~~~~~~~~~~

Shit! I forgot to call mum. I'm in sooo much trouble. I woke up everyone and we left. I opened the door carefully without making a sound then went up to mum's room. Great! She was asleep. I quickly changed into my pyjamas, rubbed off my makeup and scruffed my hair so it looks like I just woke up. I always look like that when I woke up. Then I heard heavy footsteps signalling my mum coming towards my bedroom door. I texted Roc.

Misfit143: tell the others to pretend they are asleep

SpiffyRoyal3R: why?

Misfit143: mum's awake

SpiffyRoyal3R: ight

Misfit143: gd now I need to go to " sleep"

SpiffyRoyal3R: LOL alright I will let u "sleep"

My bedroom door opened and I put my phone under my pillow, closing my eyes. Mum was there. I pretended to wake up and stretch. Then seeing her and saying "good morning mum." I went downstairs with her and saw everyone scattered across the living room. We simultaneously ( means at the same time if you didn't know. Sim- you'll- tane- ee- ous-lee.) shook our heads in disgust. Then we heard moaning and saw Roc rubbing his eyes and stretching. He then said " good morning" to both of us and went to take a shower.

That's my chapter


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